Recently I was discharged from the hospital (Children’s) and they called my enteral nutrition company, having formula and supplies sent to my home. Well, back tracking a bit, in the hospital I was on Pediasure Enteral 1.0 formula. Had a super hard time tolerating it, even at a medicine cup an hour rate. However since seeing my Gastroenterologist & Dietitan yesterday.. we found I’m not only not tolerating the formula but I’m also rapidy losing weight on it. So I’m now being switched! 🙏 My dietitan wants me on Kate Farm’s (adult) Peptide 1.5. This way I’m getting more of my energy needs in less volume. Also on the plus, it’s organic and plant-based😀

So, I’ve heard really great things about the Kate Farm’s company..wanted to know if the hype is real?

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