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Where is Hope? She is so quiet today.

At 6 it was sexual abuse
At 12 it was type 1 diabetes
At 14 it was IBS
At 16 it was PCOS
At 17 they took my gallbladder
At 18 It was Anxiety/Depression
At 20 It became agoraphobia with panic
At 21 Chronic pain began
At 23 it was Migraines
At 24 it was GERD and reflux
At 25 it was kidney stones
At 27 It was fibromyalgia
At 29 it was CFS
At 31 it was balance/vertigo issues
At 32 it was IC
At 34 it became PPPD

I turned 36 two weeks ago and spent it in the ER and still don't know what happened.

Today I am depressed, discouraged, and desperate for some hope.

I'm Christian and I have been praying for answers.

So I thought I'd lay my burdens here and see if you Mighty Warriors have anything to share with me.

I wish you all the best in your own battles as well.


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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Jess. I’m here to learn healthy coping mechanisms, receive feedback/advice, and understanding from others who experience the same illnesses as myself.

#MightyTogether #OCD #Endometriosis #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Gastroparesis #Depression #Anxiety

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Hey y'all!

I'm new, my name is Labradored. I am here because of multiple medical and mental health issues. My oldest daughter was born with Rett Syndrome (a pervasive developmental disability with serious health issues) and died from a seizure in my arms at 12 years old in 1993. My youngest daughter died in a car accident at 17 in 2000. They were my only children. I was so very blessed to be their momma.
My medical issues include long term insulin dependent diabetes II, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Celiac disease, asthma, osteoarthritis, severe food, drug and environmental allergies, dysphasia, Barrett's esophagus, eosinophilic esophagitis, GERD, chronic stomach issues, and IBS.
My mental health concerns include Major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, OCD and ADHD, and complicated grief related PTSD.
The memes on this site are helping me get through this current gastro flare, I've been nauseous all day today with vomiting and diarrhea for the last 12 hours . This happens about twice per month. My food menu is quite limited due to allergies to gluten, soy, most non citrus fruit, lactose intolerance and tree nut and peanuts. I feel like I develop a new food allergy every year.
My medical issues began shortly after my youngest girl died. Don't let anyone tell you that grief is just an emotional response, grief has wrecked serious havoc on my body.
I have a wonderful husband, supportive and loving friends, a great career as a behavioral health counselor and three fur babies who provide unconditional love and entertainment.
Most of the time I manage pretty well, but when my health conditions flare, it tanks my mental health as well.
Looking forward to sharing and receiving. 🩵🩷 Blessings upon you all.

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Burnt-out from the ignorance that comes from the mouths of so called trained medical professionals whom attended society's schools to acquire a stamp of approval that they specialize in whatever 🙄 and obtained A DEGREE.

#Allergies #SpinalMuscularAtrophy #Anxiety #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #SpinalStenosis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #BrainInjury #MentalHealth #CardiovascularDisease #RheumatoidArthritis #Osteoporosis #Peripheral #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #InflammatoryArthritis #CrohnsDisease

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concussion migraines & pressure

Hello all, hope everyone is doing alright. Ontop of my already chronic health issues ( EOE, GERD, IBS, anemia ), I suffered a pretty bad blow to the back of my head around 2 weeks ago in my ncaa lacrosse game. Have had a lingering migraine with loads of pressure in my head that won't go away. Was told I have a concussion. Any suggestions for migraine and pressure relief ? I eat super healthy and was told to not do much excersise because it will make the pressure worse. I fear I may have post-concussion syndrome developing. I am very behind in school (nursing major) because of this, so any tips for studying with migraines would be helpfull to!

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Today is going well so far

I woke up at 7am after a night of horrible acid reflux and gerd. I made a nice breakfast and drank some Gatorade. I haven't made coffee yet cuz I'm contemplating making tea instead. I haven't had tea since the beginning of fall. I got new eye drops and they make my eyes feel better. I'm very warm and it's a cold rainy day here in Detroit. I don't have to leave my apartment until next Tuesday. #CheckInWithMe

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Years ago I came across this powerful phrase: Don't let the world make you bitter, be better ✨️

At that point in time I was bitter at how much I had lost. My teenage years were wasted in a hospital post surgeries and I was in a wheelchair and in so much pain, a LOT more than I had ever experienced. I was 15 and after school when my friends got to have fun, I had to go to physical therapy. I did love exercising so that wasn't what I was disenchanted with.
I saw these adults struggling and wincing in pain. They are weak! I thought in anger.

And then I saw this old lady who couldn't walk she hurt so bad she sobbed and they brought out a wheelchair for her since it was too painful. In that moment I saw myself. I had been there too. My mom had said "suck it up Tierra" "sometimes you just got to fake it til you make it"
Those phrases cost me so much. When she finally had bad pain, I told her the exact same thing, suddenly her attitude changed and she was much more charitable when it came to my pain. But that is a story for another day.

After watching that old lady hurt so bad, it hit me how awful I had been -even if it was only in my head. Later that day I came across that quote: Don't let the world make you bitter, be better!
I felt like it changed my DNA it was so perfectly timed! God helping change me for good ❤️

Don't let the world teach you to be cruel, because YOU are better than that. Dare to be optimistic and positive and spreading kindness around!

Have The Audacity To Hope 💕✨️✨️💖

#AmplifiedMusculoskeletalPainSyndrome #Arthritis #Asthma #Anxiety #bedbound #BoneSplints #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Depression #Disability #DistractMe #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Endometriosis #Fibromyalgia #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Insomnia #Lupus #Lymphedema #JuvenileRheumatoidArthritis #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Psoriasis #PTSD #plantarfasciitis #PsoriaticArthritis #PanicAttack #PanicAttacks #Psychosis #MentalHealth #MemoryLoss #MightyTogether #Migraine #Grief #Headache #RareDisease #RheumatoidArthritis #SuicidalThoughts #Scoliosis #ShinSplints #sciatica #CheerMeOn #Upallnight #IfYouFeelHopeless #musclespasms

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This is something I still tell myself to help me get through the low and deep dark times in my life.

I don't have flares because my pain is CONSTANTLY level 10. It has been for many many years.
BUT no matter how small my good times are, they are worth waiting for.
The good and bad change. Different opportunities come. But we never know what life will bring! That is why we must fight on.

As a fellow Mighty advised me many years ago: If a cure comes tomorrow, won't you wish you had hung on one more day? 💕💕💕

#AmplifiedMusculoskeletalPainSyndrome #Arthritis #Asthma #Anxiety #bedbound #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Depression #Disability #DistractMe #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Endometriosis #Fibromyalgia #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Grief #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Insomnia #JuvenileRheumatoidArthritis #Lupus #Lymphedema #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Psoriasis #PTSD #plantarfasciitis #PanicAttack #PanicAttacks #MentalHealth #MemoryLoss #MightyTogether #Migraine #RareDisease #RheumatoidArthritis #SuicidalThoughts #Scoliosis #ShinSplints #Psychosis #PsoriaticArthritis #BoneSplints

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