Almost all of my illnesses (physical and mental) affect my eyes in some way.
My pupils are so big, because don’t constrict properly, so even in direct sunlight, they’re big. This can lead to permanent blindness, so I always wear dark glasses, regardless of weather. People often ask me if I’m high.
My eyes are bloodshot because my fibro causes hypervigilence, which reduces blinking and increases rapid darting.
The dark bags under my eyes are from exhaustion (in every way), and lack of sleep. The fatigue and lack of sleep are caused by the fibro, bipolar, anxiety, ptsd, etc.
My illnesses cause weight fluctuations. I have been rapidly losing weight (from my and anxiety), which has caused my face to slim, and makes my eyes look ‘sunken’.
I cry very often. From pain, frustration, , sensory overload, emotions, and so much else. So I rub and wipe my eyes a lot, causing the skin redness around my eyes, and damage to the actual cornea and blood vessels.
I also can’t wear any makeup (besides lipstick) because my eyes are extremely sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.

On the upside though; my eyes are green, and
Green is my favourite colour.