During the holidays season. Stop being feeling #holidayblues . Stop being upset because you don't do this or have that. Stop thinking you have to do somethings in order make the Christmas season perfuct; Just do what you like and brings you joy. Try being Thankful for what you do have., You have your health. You have a job and food to eat. You have a house to live. You should feel blessed. That's all you need. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Remmeber the true meaning for the season, #jeuseisthereason

Sure i watch vlogmess videos and i roll my eyes at times. They just lok so happy and seem so perfuct. They have everything. The family matching PJS is something i glad my mo never forced. ha haha. You don't see the stree of the hoilday in the videos. So sometimes it seems fake to me. #Depression