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    Once upon a starry night, the sky of stars shined so bright.
    Lightyears of distance between each one, there are many abroad just like our sun.
    Many gazed way up high, but some, the old, began to cry.
    The beauty of the cosmos is beyond human description, gazing way up may be one’s prescription.

    Creation in itself, born from our Creator. Born with infinite precision, unreplicable, loved by him.
    From the fish of the sea to the birds of the sky.
    Every microorgansim, every macroorgansim.
    Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, all is connected without one atom left out. This connection is brought from the one up high.

    Us humans take much for granted.
    Overlooking the beauty and work is all we do.
    Overlooking his grace and his mercy, our maker, our healer, our companion. Love is all he wants from us, for us to love him, others, and all.

    The universe will not last forever, all will come to an end.
    The book of life shall close and the end of the story will commence.
    Until that day, I strive to love, I strive to forgive, I strive to take up my cross, respect all people, to deal with my condition gratefully and out of love.
    Watch that sunset, climb that mountain, walk that beach, and spend time with those you love most.
    Someday, you won’t be able to.

    #CatholicChurch #Gratitude #FaithAndIllness #Faith #Jesus #god #Grief #MightyPoets #Poem #Poetry


    I'm super excited!

    I'm going to be a preschool teacher! After working 10 years in the corporate world I'm switching my career back to teaching.

    Working in the corporate world can feel exhausting, overwhelming and honestly like I'm a human robot.

    I'm excited to do work that's meaningful and rewarding. These little lives are trusting me to guide and help them learn in a safe fun environment. As my mom would say, "I'm up for the job!"

    A big source of my unhappiness stemmed from not being fulfilled in my career. I believe that's why a lot of people are unhappy. Its what we spend most of our lives doing so we should do what we love.

    I love teaching, I love leading by example and I love guiding children who will one day rule the world. They are our future and the responsibility is mine.

    If you can, do it for your mental health, do it for your passion, do it for your life. Live the life you've always dreamed of.

    Switching careers doesn't take away my depression and anxiety but I understand I need to do the things that feeds my soul and exites me in a good way. We're only here for a limited amount of time. I might as well live it how I want to even if that means coloring outside of the lines a little.

    I want to know your experience about a sudden switch in careers. What are you passionate about? Are you doing what you love?

    #Teaching #passion #Children #preschool #Depression #Career #Anxiety #Love #dreams #god #MentalHealth #Trust


    My anxiety's biggest fear

    I just found out my dad needs to have emergency surgery for a blockage in his stomach. He's the type of guy who's never sick besides an occasional cold and even then he would get up to go to work because he's strong and the hardest worker I know.

    I can see the fear in his eyes but I know he is going to come out stronger than he went in. Let his faith be stronger than his fears. My faith is strong for him right now. I don't have the strength to be weak and he needs me.

    Thank God for my mom forcing him to the emergency room. Only a man who loves a woman so deeply would stop being stubborn for just a second. I trust in God. Our faith is never lost. This too shall pass. All of a sudden the things that didn't really matter before, really don't matter at all right now.

    I never ask for anything because I just don't know how to but I do ask for prayers. Thank you.

    #prayers #Surgery #Faith #healed #Love
    #Anxiety #Depression #Life #Family #Friends #peace #Trust #god #Health

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    This kind of rubs me the wrong why. When i read this, this what i feel. If you don't have faith in a #god You will get Stressed out and strugggle and #Anxiety . So if you do believe in God you don't have that. It's like saying praying, will remove #Depression &#Anxiety . Yes having Faith & hope. Praying does help yes. But it doesn't take it away. Maybe im crazy if im the only one who reads it like that. But think the message in this i saw on #Facebook is wrong. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

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    Its Me Again

    Hello. I am #CheckingIn to see how everyone is doing. I hope that you are doing well. I have been doing OK. Today I got deeper into my new masters degree program. This will be my 3rd Masters degree, and most likely the last one that I will be getting. I am learning to become a mental health counselor. My #Goal for #MentalHealth is to focus on the workplace. I want to help make the workplace a more wholesome place to work. Most of the time we spend in our day is at work. Why not try to make the best of it for people?

    #god knows just what it is that I needed, and he also knows how much others need what I needed, too. I wanted a psychologist or a mental health counselor on property when I worked at #UniversalOrlando . However, I did not have one. It was hard for me to understand what was going on with my job and where the stress was coming from. I could not figure out if it was an #Internal or #external #Stress . I kept thinking that maybe it was because my father was sick... and eventually he died on March 7th, on a sunshiney monday in I.C.U room number 4. I was traumatised when he died... as I held his hand.

    I have had horrible #Insomnia , but there are nights where it is better than others. I thought that perhaps maybe another person could relate? If you can, what do you recommend when you feel the "I do not want to die," feeling as you lay down in the bed? Somehow during the day I could sleep easily even though I do not nap. But.. at #Night I do not understand what happens!

    Speak to you all soon.. and thank you for #listening .

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    Prayers 🙏 #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression

    Prayers for All. Even if your not faithful. Amen. #god

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    ✿¸•*`*•.¸ƸӜƷ (¯`´¯)✿¸•`Good Morning! .`•.¸.•´.Happy Sunday!

    . I wish you a very happy Sunday. Enjoy this beautiful day!

    it's a beautiful Sunday and it's Palm Sunday....the beginning of Holy Week....the Son is shining down on all of us. Be blessed ♡

    Morning Reflection: A morning is a wonderful blessing, either cloudy or sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start on what we call life.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Faith #god

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    Good morning and Happy Friday.

    Morning Reflection: Sometimes in life there are things we can’t fix, we can’t change, and we can’t manage. God wants us to rest in Him. Rest is what we experience when we stop trying to fix our problems and fix our eyes on God instead. Friends....you can fix your eyes on God today and trust Him with any problems you face—and He will give you rest.#Faith #god


    Good afternoon ladies. Happy Tuesday#TheMighty #MightyTogether

    God's light is constant because He is constant, it doesn't change, it doesn't grow dim or go out... ever. If it seems to, maybe it's because we have stepped out of the light of His presence.#god #Christian


    Faith is the main thing that will ever ever help us through our saddest, hardest and rough times, But never let us forget God is always with us get us through anything and everything #Faith #god #TheMighty #MightyTogether