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    Never Alone

    This is one of two plaques I have on my wall with this poem that has always spoken to me. I have always loved the coast and feel closest to God when I'm there. The expanse and beauty of the ocean reminds me of His immensity and my finite nature.

    Until recently I did not know that this poem is derived from a specific scripture in the Bible. Psalms 77:19 beautifully illustrates the invisible presence of our Creator and Comforter:

    "...yet Your footprints were unseen."

    This also reminds me of a scene from the series The Chosen where Jesus explains to Nicodemus the Holy Spirit. He illustrated the concept by alluding to the wind saying you can't see it yet you can see and feel the effects of it.

    What can we take away from this? When in the midst of our pain, when we feel very much alone, we aren't. For those of us who believe and trust in the presence of the One who loves us more than any other, we are never alone. For those of you who don't, He is gently nudging you toward Himself so that He can supply you with the same comfort and peace that only He can give:

    "…a peace that surpasses all understanding." - Philippians 4:7

    Not only that, but as portrayed in the movie, The Shack, and spoken in Psalm 56:8, He is not only with us but:

    "You collect all my tears in a bottle."

    It is so good to know I don't have to go it alone.

    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #IntercessionforIllness #Comfort #peace #Faith #god #comforter

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    Praise be to God in suffering! #god #chronic pain #Rare Chronic Illness

    Praise be to God for receiving us through the trial of pain and its hardships of suffering that strengthen and shape us into something new; and help us to grow in long-suffering toward spiritual maturity. Remember that God‘s love for those that suffer is unwavering. Abundant grace and infinite wisdom are found at the heart of chronic physical suffering.
    Stay strong everyone and pray to endure! Amen!

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    So it turns out i'll be able to join the #Anxiety and #PanicAttacks zoom group. It turns out the one peer support lady got her days mixed up with the holiday. So she forgot to sent the link. So i think i'll be able to join next week. So i waited it out. I didn't complain or get pissed off... So i did message back saying. Yes id like to join the group.

    So tonight we got the snow storm. It's not has bad like the news said. LEast in my area. Think Torontro got it worse.

    I did get to do my craft group on zoom today. It was a fun chill hour. But i feel tired.

    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #LearningDisability #MentalHealth #Faith #god

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    A prayer for each one of you

    Lord I ask you to please bring your peace and comfort to each and everyone on this site. You know their pain. You know their wounds and I ask right now that you surround each and everyone of them with your presence. Please love on them in a way they've never known. Please heal their deepest hurts and give them the hope they so desperately need. Please let them know just how much you love them and just how valuable their lives are, not only to you, but also to this world. You are amazing Lord and I love you. In Jesus'precious name I pray. Amen. #peace #Comfort #Hope #Love #Healing #value #Valuable #Faith #god #Jesus #IntercessionforIllness #MightyTogether #TheMighty

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    Hello fellow conquerors in Christ

    I just had the most intimate moment with Jesus I think I've ever had. I am finally beginning to internalize what He actually did for me. I think I am finally falling in love with Him. Now I get it.

    Also, today God called me back to my role as intercessory prayer warrior. To be honest I feel like I am jumping off a cliff because the enemy comes after me anyway and my challenges can make it difficult to stand in the face of attacks.

    If anyone of you needs prayer, please reach out to me. Evidently my position is to stand in the gap.

    I also ask that you keep me in your prayers as well if you are able or if you think about it, specifically prayer for protection.

    We all have a cross to bear and it ain't easy! #Faith #Prayer #warrior #Jesus #christ #god

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    Lord forgive me.

    Just watched a documentary on The Protestant Reformation for History class. Catholics and Protestants were both martyred for their faith, many being burned at the stake.

    I share this because I feel so foolish for complaining about my relational and mental issues and doubting Him when we are so blessed to be able to worship without, for the most part, the fear of being physically persecuted for it.

    This in no way minimizes our illnesses. It just helps me to see the big picture, the macro versus the micro, so to speak.
    #Jesus #god #Faith #freedom

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    #Cat in the #NewYear

    Here's placing my commitment to engaging in positive thoughts that will work positive energy that will materialize my wish/prayer that this year, & many following, will be MUCH MUCH BETTER than 2022 was to/for me.

    And I #Hope & #Pray that 2023 bring MUCH #Joy , #peace , & #relief to #all of us that #Suffer from #devastating effects of #ChronicIllness , especially those of us whom are asked to #endure #ChronicPain , especially those of us, that suffer continuous non-stop pain, especially those of us who's entire body is afflicted, for I do know that #Pain does kinda cancel out/prevent us from any/all pleasurable #Emotions . At least, personally speaking, I'm always miserable, & since I lost my cat a little past last New Year (of 2022),, so went my smile, & any & every semblance of the person I was. The person I liked being. Please, #god , give me a sweet cat soon. Very soon, I'd really #hate to #Lose hope again. So please don't hold back on my #blessing of a cat too long. I need #help & #relief . Please don't make it all disappear into the #dark #pit I've lived in. For all too too long. #please bring me #light & #Hope to see this to its fruition. I need to bring home a Cat. Know that. You do. , I ask,in #Jesus ' name. Thanks for reading my post, all you caring & supportive #mightyfriends 🙋💗🍬 #MightyTogether #peace

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    How has God used you lately?

    I teach two year old at church. I have a port and one of them saw it and asked me what it was. I explained it to them as best as I could for a two year old. They said “Well God can use anything to teach others about Him. I’ll pray for you.” And sure enough days later I was able to make a connection between my health and God to someone I know has been reselling with the thought of God. How has God used you lately? #god #christ #POTS #EDS #MastCellActivationDisorder #ChronicIlless

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    Faith in The One ☝️

    #AllGlory #blessings #onelove #god

    For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. —2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV

    OneLove Above moreover Morning Star ⭐️ and a Dove 🕊️


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    Glory be to GOD

    #Survivor #Modivator #inspire #Jesus #god

    Truly IT is not Us IT is the Father in us we can’t do what we are not inpowered to do.

    God’s Plan ~ Gods Story = Gods Glory

    #Amen #ThankYou #grateful #onelove

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