September 4, 2015

The beginning of all endings.

A steel beam crashed down my crown,

With a sense of invincibility, I felt no bounds.

Toxic positivity clouded my sight,

shoving my intuition gift aside.

A voice deep inside my head repeated all day:

"Please don't go to work today,

Something terrible will happen to you,

Listen to me."

Fierceless, unstoppable, and sometimes blind,

I ignored my inner voice and went on with my grind.

Fast forward one, two, five, seven years,

The life I once knew was long gone.

Fair-weather friendships now lost, vanished like a sight,

Replaced by countless lonely hospital stays, sapping my soul at last.

Pain that never ceased, symptoms without end,

One more treatment, one more pill, one more illness to attend.

Until I broke down, and inward I was forced to turn.

For my strength was also what kept me stuck for so long.

So I dove in,

Into a world of pain, grief, sadness, and anger, I began.

Bit by bit, I learned to love,

Every part of me, from the sky grace above.

Connecting deeply with myself, peace I did find,

Finally, I found my body’s compass, true and kind.

I am home. I am home.

Breaking free from the chains of chronic illness

February 14, 2023

Elsa Leonardo

#ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #Disability #Pain #journeytoinnerpeace