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    Just looking for some friends on here.

    Hi I’m looking for friends to chat with and encourage and be there for each other as well as share hobbies and interest. It gets lonely at times not venturing into the world I miss it but I don’t at the same time 😂😂😂I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband and child who support me but some friends would be great I am a carefree spirit and a lover of Jesus but I love everyone and respect there beliefs. I am just here to find some community please message me if you want a friend!

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is browneyedbaker. I'm here because I feel like I keep hitting dead ends for help with chronic stomach pain and nausea and it's pretty lonely sometimes. I am hoping to find others with tip on how to feel better.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #Migraine #OCD #ADHD #Gastroparesis #ibs


    Hurt #sick

    Feeling so lonely and all I could feel is guilty 😔 lonely

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    Bipolar disorder in teens and young adults: know the signs


    Bipolar disorder causes extreme ups and downs in a person’s mood and energy. People have low-energy moods of depression and high-energy moods called mania (also called manic moods).

    Just about everyone goes through ups and downs in their moods. Most of the time, mood changes do not mean a person has bipolar disorder.

    Common Signs & Symptoms of Mania

    -Showing intense happiness or silliness for a long time

    -Having a very short temper or seeming extremely irritable

    -Talking very fast or having racing thoughts

    -Having an inflated sense of ability, knowledge, and power

    -Doing reckless things that show poor judgment

    Common Signs & Symptoms of Depression

    -Feeling very sad or hopeless

    -Feeling lonely or isolating themselves from others

    -Eating too much or too little

    -Having little energy and no interest in usual activities

    -Sleeping too much

    Teens and young adults with bipolar disorder symptoms may think and talk about self-harm or suicide. If someone you know is expressing these thoughts, seek help immediately.

    You can refer to this:


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    Rejection and BPD

    I'm incredibly sad. My chest is constantly heavy and inside I feel only guilt. I am alone with these feelings because apparently my husband is mad at me. He is on a longer business trip and on Thursday we had an argument, since then he hasn't even read the messages and had nothing to do with me. I am lonely and I would just like to disappear, disappear from the world, I have nothing but loneliness and emptiness. Does this have BPD? is it supposed to be about this? It seems that even love feels like a burden and only causes melancholia. I don't jump for joy when I fall in love, but inside I feel joy, but at the same time guilt and fear. The fear comes from being afraid to trust and believe in love, to believe that someone sees good in me and fear that they will reject and hurt me. Do these feelings belong to BPD? Does anyone else have the same feelings? #BPD #Sadness #Loneliness #Emptiness

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    Depression Sundays

    Feeling lonely and neglected. Just wish I could feel loved.

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    The wave of loneliness

    Loneliness from deep in my heart.
    It comes and goes.
    I have to trust the impermanence of that feeling. Just doing what's possible rightnow.

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    Who feels lonely even when someone is sitting right next to you?

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