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My knee brace hurts, can anyone help me find out why? #knee #Brace #pcl #Injury #ligament

Hi! I was wondering if any of you wearing a knee brace could help me? My brace doesn’t fit well since a little while and I’m wondering what the problem could be? As you can see on the pic, there is a part that dig into my skin and hurts me. Is my brace too small? I’ve gained a bit of weight in the last months. I’ve tried to adjust the straps but it doesn’t seem to help. What can I do? What is the problem? Thanks a lot!

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Injured knee and winter boots.. ideas?

Hi! I have an injured knee and this week I started to wear my winter boots as it snowed where I live. Problem is, I have a hard time putting them on and worse, taking them off! Does anyone has any idea to help me doing it more easily? Is there any technical aid you use that helps you with that? I have an appointment next week for my knee orthosis, and I was looking for ideas of products that could help me so I could ask them!
#knee #injured #technicalaid

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Rare and Mighty is what I strive for. #

I will be bionic after I get my other knee replaced and my other shoulder replaced. I will tend to my garden and life will be better.
My true super power is educating people about my illnesses. So many have responded with "My cousin/friend/etc had Lupus, I thought she just had to stay out of the sun." It's so great to see the light bulb go off above their head as they realize what life is like for someone they care for. It's a flash of empathy that I hope stays with them.
#RareAndMighty #HEDS #Lupus #tietze Syndrome #stage 3 Kidney Disease #Shoulder Replacement Surgeries #knee Replacement Surgeries #svt #a -fib #chronic Pain