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Rough Day for Loki and I

Hey everyone!!
Hope everyone is doing well!! Seen lots of new comers!! Little late but welcome!
Still low energy but this past weekend been getting things organized and back into routine for school!! My kids are back!!
Sunday I woke up with a bit of a tummy bug but Monday felt better!! I got most of everything ready for school!!
Today is one day I wish I could rewind and start over!!
First, Loki and I went to the park after we got the kiddos to school!! It was beautiful and Loki was SO happy because I been working on our house.
Well we heading back to the suv, Loki ran up to say hello to a beautiful white big Pyrenees. Well he ended up not being friendly and tried to dominate my little Loki! Loki was trying to get away and when he realized he couldn't he started growling back and the dog just started on him. But the owner was able to grab the leash he was on and pulled her dog off of Loki! Loki was ok and he didn't help so I think the owner got her dog in time. She was just cleaning up his poo but I dont know if it was his temperament or if he just didn't like Loki. I was scared for Loki! Jeesh!! Still not bad a year of dog parks and it was Loki second time being attacked. She tried to blame Loki and I put her in her place. I said while you are cleaning doo doo it was your dog trying to dominate mine and Loki was just trying to get away. She apologized!
Then we went home but Loki had to say hello to some more puppies first!!
We get home and have some breakfast! Then I went to take both dogs out for a walk. Well they were excited my Beau DaBaby pulled and then did Loki and I flipped off the stair hitting my hard flower pot with my leg and landing on my shoulder and ribs.
Needless to say, I think I fracture a rib and broke my baby toe and my collarbone and shoulder is hurting BAD... I went for x Ray's we will see what comes of it! Might have to go back and get my ribs looked at!
From now on after I get better only one dog at a time!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #injured #Flareup #MightyPets

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#hi #Hello #goodevening #hardday #inneed #Injury #injured #needhelp #HomeCare

Hi there, friends🙋 #mighties #mightywarriors knee went out last Friday (a week ago) & my Homecare Company has abandoned me. I usually have a Helper assist me food with shopping, carrying groceries, running errands, etc. ....last Friday,with my Helper, I bought too much ,I guess. My knee went out carrying too much weighty groceries up my 3 flights of stairs. & I haven't had anyone to get me where I can purchase a cane & knee brace. I am afraid to leave the apartment more than ever, now. And refuse to without assistance. Until I get a cane & knee brace.


continuous injury

I accidentally #injured myself just trying to take care of myself in my own home . AGAIN 😭 feeling shame, vulnerable, anxious about making my therapy and chiropractor appointment tomorrow and I’m doing all the things I shouldn’t like online shopping with money I need for my heating bill and doctors and texting which hurts and makes everything worse like being electric shocked. just miserable and having a hard time . I can’t speak and texting makes me sick. I’m lonely mostly house bound and can’t walk more than a few yards. I was just trying to feel good and dance a little and I got hurt. I took too much MJ oil and it made me dizzy I fell and hurt my hip . because no one is giving me any trammadol which is how I safely treat the severe pain from 23 years of Lyme disease. heart broken


Injured knee and winter boots.. ideas?

Hi! I have an injured knee and this week I started to wear my winter boots as it snowed where I live. Problem is, I have a hard time putting them on and worse, taking them off! Does anyone has any idea to help me doing it more easily? Is there any technical aid you use that helps you with that? I have an appointment next week for my knee orthosis, and I was looking for ideas of products that could help me so I could ask them!
#knee #injured #technicalaid

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