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Finally getting my knee replacement #mva #Surgery #kneepain #ChronicPain

February 26,2006 I was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind by a flatbed tow truck carrying a car. The truck pushed my van into the car in front of me and then pushed us into the three vehicles in front of that one. A year later I had my first knee scope surgery to remove a torn meniscus. Fifteen years later I had my second surgery to remove arthritis and more torn cartilage. This is when I found out I was walking bone on bone. Today after playing in the garden my knee started locking up with some of the of the worest pain since the accident. On July 19 I go in to have a complete knee replacement. It is going to be very odd not to have pain after so long.


Sudden onset knee pain

My knees started just KILLING me on Friday after I totally messed up and had way too many cocktails on Thursday night.

How the heck do I get my body to reset? I’ve been taking CBD chews with ginger for muscle pain, Tylenol, Gabapentin, elevating my knees with a pillow, and doing CBD chews with melatonin to sleep. I also take Meloxicam, a high powered turmeric supplement, and a very good fish oil supplement. Do I need to get a massage or stretch session? Change when my follow up with the rheumatologist is?

#RheumatoidArthritis #kneepain

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