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Finally getting my knee replacement #mva #Surgery #kneepain #ChronicPain

February 26,2006 I was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind by a flatbed tow truck carrying a car. The truck pushed my van into the car in front of me and then pushed us into the three vehicles in front of that one. A year later I had my first knee scope surgery to remove a torn meniscus. Fifteen years later I had my second surgery to remove arthritis and more torn cartilage. This is when I found out I was walking bone on bone. Today after playing in the garden my knee started locking up with some of the of the worest pain since the accident. On July 19 I go in to have a complete knee replacement. It is going to be very odd not to have pain after so long.


Car Accidents?

I’m new to the app and wondering if there are any groups or spaces for people dealing with chronic pain/injuries from car accidents? #CarAccident #mva #ChronicPain #BackPain #neckpain #Whiplash #TraumaticBrainInjury

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Days go by I feel like I'm accomplishing nothing. I start a task and remember something else I didn't finish or see something else broken. I go to that. I feel lost. I wrote lists and lost them. I must look. Like an idiot walking back and forth on the lawn trying to remember where I put whatever or what I was doing.
If I sit down the pain will be too intense when I get back up. The temptation to stay down will be too strong. I will give up. I can't keep spending days in bed to manage pain.
I'm in pain all the time. I'd rather feel like I did some good than just lay around feeling useless.
I pulled the motor out of the washer. It took me all day to do that one thing that should have taken ten minutes.
I got it done. I should feel good about that. I feel frustrated. I need my strength back. I need control of my mind.
I'm tired of asking the insurance company for permission to get things to make life easier here. I'm tired of sending reports and receipts. I'm tired of constant reminders that I'mnot okay. It's been 2 years since the transport truck cause my truck to smash into medians on the highway. Turned our lives a mess.
I want to go back to work. I know I can't do my job anymore so that's not smart.
I need to get better at my speed on my terms not treatment plan after treatment plan that feel like they hold me hostage. #TraumaticBrainInjury #mva #CarAccident #Insurance #Depression #Pain



Pain is immense. Too much up and around today. Sitting, standing, repeat. I wish I could move around without consequence. Two youngsters came to help outside to get garden beds ready today. They even put the cover on the greenhouse frame that I have been unable to do and built a raised bed I can tend to from my garden trolley. They said they will come back to help fix things that I've had to leave and need finishing and repair. I wanted to hug them both.
Part of me felt frustrated watching them do things I enjoyed doing and used to do so easily years ago, but more than that I feel so grateful.
I used the whipper snipped today. Just a light electric one, but it's something. I also used my mitre saw for the first time in? I'm not sure. Just small pieces of wood and I had to sit down to use it, but it feels like a big deal.
I couldn't remember how to unlock it, but it's been a long time.
With their help maybe this place can start feeling like home again and I won't keep feeling like I'm letting my family down. #TraumaticBrainInjury #spineinjury #spinepain #Depression #grateful #mva #Motherhood


#PCS #TBISurvivor #mva #brianinjury

The Brain Fog Sets in for another  day ,  I have under 24 hrs for the Next Storm front . This year again the ups and downs,


#Seizures #mva

I have been dealing with seizures since I was Ina horrific car accident on July 1st. I’ve been hospitalized 3x for the seizures snd stroke like symptoms, yet no one seems to know what’s going on. I got an appointment to a concussion center in Manhattan but that’s not until October so I just keep having these episodes.