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Labeled manic because I am doing well

What is with people? They see you only through the lens of a diagnosis? Couldnt I be doing well in my hobbies and life because I have worked hard and gone through pain and self-reflection and found my strength to get to this point? I was told I am in a phase only. Manic. As I was doing way better than that person at our common hobby. And had upcoming things that she is unable to do. Wonderful accomplished things. And have been joyful. I unfortunately reacted some. And that I guess is what she wanted to confirm that I am crazy. Then she has to tell someone I will need taking care of later on. People cannot do things themselves. They have to put you down and label you not ok or sick. Then I see her a few days later and she talks to me like nothing happened. How to handle this? And why do people do this? #Bipolar #Manic #Stigma #labeling #narcissism

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