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chronic Radiating Upper Leg Pain Since Fusions #Fibromyalgia #NervePains #leg pain#CentralSensitizationSyndrome

Help! Please! For over 18 months, I have had debilitating sciatic nerve pain radiating from my L5 on down to my butt, side of thighs and usually stopping at the knees. I have fibromyalgia, central sensitization syndrome, RA, OA, degenerative disc disease, and have had four spine surgeries including L2-4 fusion. Since about 10 months after my 2018 addition of L2-3 to the L3-4 fusion, I started experiencing severe pain above and below the fusion. Then it shifted into the leg patterns. Since a March RF lesioning, on the left side, the pain pattern there turned to various forms of parasthesia, from tingling to numbness to on fire, to stabbing, to freezing….but now it wraps to halfway around the front of the leg instead of the back. Sometimes, I get groin pain on either side. At its worst, the pain has gone down to my toes, but not always to the same toes! You get it….there is NO pattern!

Worst…I’ve had continued pain treatments, have to take T4 with Tramadol too just to sleep, and have had every test in the book, including CT, two MRIs, and even an EMG. The best guess my surgeon or anyone else has is my fibromyalgia, my RA, my degenerative disc disease and facet arthropy…in other words, no one knows. I recovered well from my fusion, but tripped over a circular saw in our basement, tearing all ligaments in my right toes, to start this cycle.

Anyone have a similar set of symptoms? I believe the Fibromyalgia is part of it, since I have to use pillows to support my arms when I sleep on my sides, and can’t even stand most sheets touching it. So far, my only help have been the two ketamine infusions I had this month. All help appreciated! At least no Dr has suggested its “all in my head”!


Standing the Pain #Fibro #Pain #leg

Not sure if I should add or subtract any hashtags to this, of if its relevant.

To get to the main point, I first should give a touch of background. The other day I finally got something to relieve my quarantine boredom. I had ordered from Amazon a lovely box that opened into an easel on top with storage under the easel/lid and two additional drawers. Its beautiful, and right away I set to loading it up with my supplies and then painting.

I'm not sure how long I spent on the piece, but then came the worst part. Cleaning the brushes. I can't stand for long periods in one spot. Particularly over a sink. That's when the pain spasms start. My back practically CV convulsed it's so bad. But that day had an extra surprise. My right leg. Which hadn't bothered be at all that day, suddenly sent a shockwave of pain through me as I went to walk away from the sink. Every time I put my foot to the ground it was like the bones had shattered. No real pain if I carefully held the leg up though. There is no bruise, I checked multiple times during and after the incident. Just horrible pain from the center of my shin, bone deep, if any pressure was put on my foot at the leg. I figure it must have been my fibro. But God it was awful, worse than any pain this condition has put my through yet.

Does anyone else with fibromyalgia deal with this?