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Be The Person of Tomorrow, Be Still Now #BipolarDisorder

I have given up trying to be the person of yesterday, the person who didn't have bipolar, the person who never had experienced mental ill-health.

I spent many moments trying to pinpoint the exact moment things went wrong and tried to get back to before that time. But that person is long gone, she no longer exists, and it is a futile experiment.

But I am here now, living in the moment; I can only work with what I have got at this very second. The person of tomorrow will benefit if I stop trying to get back to the historical me.

I feel the future will no doubt have some bilps, it always does, but all I can control is now.

I have many things I want to do, but they are for my future self, not for me right now.

How can I live with one mind on the now and one in the future? By goal setting and little steps. The small step forward I take today towards my bigger goal will ensure my future self the best moments.

However, I must not live in the future; I have to live in the now as this moment is the only real one I have.

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