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    The Halloween decorations in my neighborhood remind me that the holidays are just around the corner. I love seeing the little ones trick or treating!

    It reminds me how much fun I had as a child dressing up and running around the neighborhood to get the biggest stash of candy I could.

    So I'm going to try today to 'treat' myself to something I used to enjoy as a kid. Maybe it will be a sundae cone, maybe rice krispy treats. I won't be doing this everyday, but today I am going to treat myself.

    Treating ourselves reminds us that we matter and we are special. We all deserve to feel that way.

    How do you 'treat' yourself? What things remind you of your favorite memories? Share below - you might give others some great ideas! #Treats #livingwithra #selfcare

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    A Typical Day For Me Looks Like . . .

    Many of us spend our time moving from one errand, doctor appointment, or task to another. Sometimes, because of our disease or disorder, we feel alone or different than others. But sharing the challenges we have to deal with can make us feel less alone.

    Please share what a day looks like for you and connect with others on our journey.

    #chronicilness #livingwithra #better2gether #Support #ButYouDontLookSick #RheumatoidArthritis


    Being affected by people talking behind your back #livingwithra #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #RheumatoidArthritis #ChronicDepression

    I hate that I am an empath. I hate that I get so down when I hear that people I have to work with are talking bad about me, ( my condition etc.) I haven’t been in my position long, I try to be pleasant and attentive. And yet no matter what people always seem to smile at me and then talk about me. That’s fine thou, I just wish I didn’t have to interact with them. I want to quit my job today, give up my car that I am financing and go live in the streets (because I live with my family and don’t want to burden them) and let the RA take my life away. I hate that I have to interact or even be around people. I just want to lay down and sleep forever #awasteofspace