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Lying Doctors #Lying #Doctors #Lyingdoctors

Through Pain Management -
I’ve been waiting for a spinal stimulator for 3 years. And the big hold up was because I had to go through everything else that might help first. Nothing worked. Then I aged out of my dad’s insurance and everything was switched to mine and mine alone(disability). So they submitted t,he paperwork this past September.the deadline was until December 21. They dragged their feet and I didn’t get the approval letter until November and I didn’t have an appointment unti December 12th. The doctor said just because it says it was approved doesn’t mean They will pay for it. So they will resubmit it and he will call me either way that week.
I got nothing.
When I went to them this month they said I was denied. I called my insurance and they said they got nothing from them since the first submitted request in September. And they said that once I was approved they would pay 100%. And since I was approved before I would be again, they just have to send in the request.
They also told me to ask to see the denial letter they have, because if they don’t bring it forward, they did lie.
So right now, I’m a little PO!!!!!


Surgical Pain #Lyingdoctors #kneesurgery #Fibromyalgia #PainManagement

I had surgery in my knee yesterday. It was supposed to a small, not too painful procedure to remove a piece of torn meniscus. My surgeon seemed eager to cut from the moment we met, and he was going off two year old scans. The morning of surgery I asked again about pain and recovery and he again told me it would be nothing, I’d be walking out of the hospital that day. He didn’t warn me that anything might be different. I woke up with a hinge brace, ankle to thigh, in what is one of the top two pains I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve experienced a lot of pain. I’m unable to walk for the most part, every step is unimaginable pain. My surgeon never came and talked to me, the recovery nurse was concerned with the amount of pain I was in and suggested I see if I could be admitted for pain control and to monitor what an existing swollen calf that some were concerned was a blood clot and the surgeon told her no. I’m already taking a strong pain medication to survive the really bad days, which are most days lately and this surgeon prescribed me a weaker pain medication. So I’m basically going through the worst surgical pain I’ve ever had experienced with no additional pain medication. I haven’t slept since the surgery. I can’t believe he lied to me about how easy this would be, never warned me it could of ended up this bad and didn’t even bother to come talk to me. All he did was tell my husband the surgery was over and that there was a lot more damage than he expected. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because he used two year old MRI scans. I’m so sick of doctors downplaying how painful things will be or could be and under-treating the pain because of this over correction on the “opioid crisis”. I will never trust a doctor again or have any surgery no matter how important. This was my 11th and last surgery, I don’t care if that choice kills me, the pain is just too much to take anymore. I’m so done.