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    Do you feel like you’re still searching for the "right" treatment for your RA?

    <p>Do you feel like you’re still searching for the "right" treatment for your RA?</p>
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    Taking pain medication with Fibromyalgia

    I was diagnosed in 2009. I was started on tramadol, eventually sent to pain management. I have been going there for years. Tramadol became like eating baby aspirin so I was prescribed hydrocodone 5/325. It worked well until it didn’t. I asked for a stronger dose do I was given 10/325 2x a day and pumped to 3x a day. I have been in that for about 31/2 years. It is no longer working as it once was.
    I have tried asking for a medication. I keep being put off. I feel as if she is not taking me seriously. I don’t get it. I have always been open and up front with this group. I followed directions to a tee. Has anyone experienced something like this? How can I get this dr to pay attention and take me seriously? I haven’t been pain free in years. I’m exhausted and tired . #Fibromyalgia #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #PainManagement #PainMedication

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    How does RA affect your work or school performance?

    <p>How does <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ceb200553f33fe99b889" data-name="RA" title="RA" target="_blank">RA</a> affect your work or school performance?</p>
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    To Anyone,
    I need HELP. As SOON as can be.
    Now let me explain, please read my full story.
    Alright, back in 2006 I was in 7th grade and going to a private school. I was outside with my friends and I was laughing and took a step back and fell off the curb onto my backpack which had a book jetting out and I herniated 2 discs. (I also had servere stomach pains which made it hard for me to eat). I was put on pain meds due to the severity of my pain (young I know) I started missing alot more school then I already was. My mother took me to Doctor after Doctor for help, test after test. Almost every Doctor REJECTED me saying NOTHING was wrong even with physical evidence my back have herniated. In fact one disc swelled up and they said it was just a "Fluffy" Disc. One doctor even told my mom that my pain was from the stretch marks on my back. And these weren't minor hospitals, I'm talking John's Hopkins, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, University of Maryland, Franklin Square, even Mercy.
    In the meantime I did everything I could to try and help the pain. EVERYTHING. I still went to school, even had 2 jobs and went out with friends. I hid my pain as much as I could. Also, during this time, my mother had 2, back surgeries and was working and dealing with my very crazy Schizophrenic grandmother and equally crazy Bipoloar (more like undiagnosed Schizophrenic) Uncle.
    When I was in 9the grade I was diagnosed with a Gallbladder that had stones and would only contract at 2% (normal is 30% minimum). So I had it removed in '09.
    I had to return to public school for 10th grade, I became even more petrified of school then I had been. (I was already on psych meds for depression and SEVERE anxiety) I also was in an abusive relationship, basically a 24/7 suicide hotline, and my GOD you can say I basically raised my Girlfriend from age 13 to 17. Oh yeah, had to keep that a secret and she lived a state away buy I went every weekend)
    On top of that I found out that my girlfriend during a break with my other was being sexualy abused by her stepfather and had to intervene. She's safe now, moved on and married happily.
    But, I digress. I was put on home tutoring, I did go back for 12th and graduated. My GF (that I went back to) left me and put me in a horried place.
    FINALLY in 2012 I found a doctor that BELIEVED me, after I felt hopeless, that did would do surgery. So, I had a Triple Fusion to my L4, L5, S1.
    A year later though, on Christmas Eve, 1 year and 3 days after my surgery, we found out my older twin sisters friends mother died early in the morning due to an alcohol overdose. We then got a call my Uncle had been found dead in his basement and that my grandmother had been on the floor with no food or water for 3 - 4 days. After going to the hospital to fight with them to save my Grandmother's Life, my Dad took me to see his Mother and siblings. We left just to get into a Head On collision. I got ended up with 2 hematomas, liver damage, a large gash from the seatbelt, a cracking fault line on my teeth, I'm pretty sure a concussion, nerve and muscle damage to my arm and a broken sternum.
    Now, I was having trouble after this with finding a pain management doctor after the laws changed. When the clinic I was going to last for 4yrs they wanted me to try other pain meds other then the ones I'm on but one after the other I had an allergic reaction. So I was put back on the meds I am. I went through 4 or 5 doctors at the clinic. The last one I had never made me feel safe. I tried to find a new place but a program called CRISP came about. I was lined up to go to another doctor but because of this system only showing where that doctor works NOW, I got a discharge from the new doctor for "Doctor Hopping". I also got one from a doctor that did my back injections since I was 12. So I stayed with the old clinic.
    Well, over the past few years my pain got worse. The doctor I was with would order 2 MRIs a year. Finally, he said go see my surgeon. I do find out my bottom 2 screws were fractured and I needed surgery since they were moving.
    One month before my surgery my pain doctor "forgot" to send my meds to my pharmacy then went on VACATION!!
    I found a new doctor, they insisted I have a discharge to be seen. So I go. She said either she weens me off or down or go on Suboxone. I agree to ween down. Next week I have surgery. I was put on 15mg morph immediate release every 4hr and 15mg morph extended every 12hrs.
    A week later I see the new doctor 1 WEEK later that cuts we down to 15mg immediate every 8hrs. I begged for holding one month. Nope. And I'm NOT going on Suboxone, it's 10x WORSE!
    I now have seen multiple doctors that want to take it all away.
    I have no doctor and NOWHERE to go. I'm not a drug seeker, I don't do street drugs, nothing. I now am bedbound with my boyfriend taking care of me. I take this medicine to function. And now I can't.
    My normal script is 15mg Morph IR every 6 and 15mg ER every 12.

    Please, PLEASE, HELP! I'm scared, I'm bedbound, I'm in excruciating pain with nothing. I don't know what to do anymore.
    #help #scared #ChronicPain #BackPain #PainManagement #Advice

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    How I’m coping with fibromyalgia pain

    <p>How I’m coping with <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce7f00553f33fe992ab1" data-name="fibromyalgia" title="fibromyalgia" target="_blank">fibromyalgia</a> pain</p>
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    How do you manage pain. When you don't have a diagnosis?

    <p>How do you manage pain. When you don't have a diagnosis?</p>
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    I Think My Weighted Blanket Is Too Heavy for Me

    <p>I Think My Weighted Blanket Is Too Heavy for Me</p>
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    How would you describe your pain so far this week?

    <p>How would you describe your pain so far this week?</p>
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    People don't understand #PainManagement

    People who don't understand
    I have family that absolutely doesn't understand the level of pain and misery I am in in a daily basis. I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease with a 80° curve of the spine. This caused me moderate pain and on occasion severe pain. I was in pain management for years given pain medication to deal with the pain. I managed to have a somewhat normal life on the meds, I worked a job that didn't require much physical activity and I could sit at times and stand at other times. Eventually I got worse and had a herniated disc on top of everything and a surgeon recommended I get a spinal fusion while they fixed the severe herniation. The surgery left me in MORE pain than ever before and I am just barely able to do basic chores around the house for a few minutes at a time. My wife has been very supportive but my mother in law just thinks I am lazy. I feel like everything I do makes the pain worse, standing for more than 10 min, bending even a little, sitting in 90% of chairs is unbearable to me after about 30 minutes. I do what I can around the house, working a little here, taking a break for a little while before going back to chores again. My pain level is typically a 6-8 every day. With all the new laws on pain meds I am not taking any narcotic level strength pain meds because my doctor will only prescribe a small amount and my body had become so used to pain medication that it did very little. So I get very little relief from my pain and I do what I can to help around the house. My parents are helping with bills thank god but I become so frustrated when my mother in law acts like I am just being lazy. She acts like I should be able to do the same level of activity I was doing before the surgery and before the herniation even though I am worse now than before AND on less pain medication. It seems so illogical to me but that is what I am dealing with.
    Have any of you dealt with this perception of you or had difficulty making the people around you understand the level of misery you are in? I am currently jumping through hoops to get a spinal cord stimulator or a pain pump depending on the level of scar tissue in my back. I AM TRYING to better my situation but at the moment I feel like my mother-in-law is whispering in my wifes ear constantly. Luckily my wife has been virtually ignoring it to this point but still I worry. I worry that shes going to turn her against me and then I'll have to be miserable on two fronts

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    My Companion

    Pain. Most of us have it. I imagine everyone in their lives have some form of pain. I have many physical health issues and a few mental ones to add to them.
    When pain is bad enough that I have to scrabble around to find some form of relief. Usual painkillers, done. Top up paracetamol, done. Top up codeine, done. And still, my leg is spasming enough that it feels like it's valiantly attempting to squeeze the pain out, thus making it worse.
    What do I do?
    What can I tell myself?
    Sometimes the 'painkillers' don't kill the pain they just sit there ignoring the agony and being a bit useless.
    All I can do is rest. Sleep won't happen and relaxation has decided to leave for the evening. Tomorrow may be better, or it may be worse. I don't know.
    I will rest. Let myself just be with all my aches and pains and hope that tomorrow is better.
    Just remember that tomorrow might always see an improvement even if it's the tiniest thing in the world.
    I am celebrating my sisters birthday tomorrow, fish and chips and a good, trashy film just to annoy her OH. I will smile and be my chatty and rather odd self and all the while that pain will be my companion. The companion that sometimes gives me sleep or allows the medication to work and sometimes keeps me up writing this into the Mighty message system.
    I am going to try and sleep. You all should too. Rest is good for the companion even if it grumbles about it.
    Goodnight folks. #EDSHT #Pain #PainManagement #PainKillers #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia