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Mental health vs physical health #medicationweightgain

Ive been struggling with weight due to medication. I’ve done some reading on the side effects of olazapine and I’ve made a informed decision to discontinue this particular med .
My weight and other side effects that are impacting my daily living are far outweighing the benifits.
My weight has become so uncomfortable I can barely perform daily tasks and at the rate it is increasing leaves me with the possibility of weight related health risks .
I’ve been working out sometimes 4 to 5 times a day and the scale is over 200 lbs . I’m a healthy eater who has always chosen raw foods and greens over junk . The impossible task of losing this weight while on this medication is futile since it’s all water retention. Water retention to the point where I feel swollen and sore .
I have support people and systems in place to help me navigate the withdrawal symptoms if they appear .
I will continue to take my other medications ( I’m on several) .
I’m going to continue my exercise routines with renewed hope of being a healthy weight for me .
I’m up early making a coffe before I start my workout.
Hope renewed and not giving up .


The clouds are coming back #MentalHealth #Depresion #personality disorder #medicationweightgain

I went back to bed after getting the kids off to school. I can feel myself slipping back into the hopeless hole of mental cloudiness.
I’ve been on a combination of medication that has worked wonders for my thinking but the weight gain has been extreme. I can barely put shoes on my belly and legs are so large . I’m not used to this feeling.
I’ve been exercising several times a day plus watching my calories , without any weight loss success.
Maybe I’m just having a normal feeling of discouragement and it’s not my mental illness coming to ruin everything.
I’m going to make myself a coffee and do a workout.
I hope this feeling passes . I don’t want to go back to being mentally unwell.
Send me some motivation vibes , I need it .
Thank you


Small victories #weightgain #MentalHealth #Hope #medicationweightgain

I’ve been struggling with a lot of weight gain due to my many medications I take to keep my mental health in check .
Today I weighed myself and finally saw the scale drop 3 lbs .
I’m counting this as a small victory.
I’ve been doing daily workouts and eating better without any results except the scale moving up but today I have hope that my hard work is paying off .
I’m grateful for the combinations of medications that allow me to function and stay hopeful, for today .
I’ve learned to take it one day at a time .
Today is a good day .