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My gravestone #Meaning #personality #whoami

I often think, not in a morbid kind of way what I want written on my gravestone. What encapsulates who I am in words. If anyone cares what I want, I want to be remembered with the words. She kept trying.


Crazy brain thoughts

Let me start off by saying happy 4th of July!
Now can someone help me with this dose any one besides me obsessing over the world coming to an end? As far back as I can remember I have Bern deathly afraid of the world coming to an end and today it's bad really bad I'm not sure if that is part of #BPD or not? Can anyone relate? Thanks remember stay safe #BPD #personality #obsessing #RacingThoughts

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It is not as easy as ABC...

It is as easy as ABC...

Why don't you see?

Everybody sees, why don't you?

I guess, I am one of those crazy few...

It is as easy as ABC...

Why is your brain always so absentee?

Everybody knows, why don't you?

I guess, all those abused substances turned it into barbeque...

It is as easy as ABC...

Why is it then so hard for you?

Everybody gets it, why don't you?

I guess, that is why they always bid adieu...

It is as easy as ABC...

Why is it then so hard for you?

Everybody thinks it is as easy as ABC...

I guess, perhaps that is it! They think and I just be.

#Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #personality #personalitydisorder #abcsoflife #Life #Imposter #ImposterSyndrome

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What labels fit your personality?

I've written in the past about the kinds of labels that feel pathologizing. But if I'm honest, I'm also obsessed with personality quizzes. Not that I use them to make any important life decisions, but when they feel like they fit, they can be interesting glimpses into the ways in which I behave.

How These Labels Help Me as Someone With Complex PTSD

Do you enjoy taking personality quizzes? If so, which ones do you like and how do they reflect your story?

#PTSD #CPTSD #Trauma #personality #Mbti #Enneagram #lovelanguage #Labels

How These Labels Help Me as Someone With Complex PTSD


Change the name #personality disorder

I never tell anyone, even Dr’s and Nurses. That name is humiliating. Also had nurses ask what does that mean? It’s already a solitary life. The judgement sucks.
#onalitydisorder #anxiety #dep


Hotness - can’t relate to it | TW mentions of an assumption

I’ve overheard someone fronting in our system one time (not on purpose) on a public walkie talkie app (I couldn’t because bad experiences), and this one other user was claiming that we’re in denial if you don’t find looks important even with personality. Ze (ze uses ze/zir pronouns) couldn’t relate along with another user and the same user called them hypocrites. (Remember when I said that I couldn’t because bad experiences?)

Why in the world are looks or “hotness” so important anyway?? /rh

I cannot relate to the whole “oh they’re hot” thing. It feels weird whenever I try to say it, which is why I don’t. It’s not because they look bad or anything like that, it’s just that I cannot relate, which is why I use words like “cute” or “cool” to describe others. It may be because I’m ace/aro-spec, and/or that I don’t even have that high of a sex drive in the first place.

But either way, looks are not - and never will be - important to me. It just feels so… wrong, and shallow at times. All I care about is personality and if you’re not a toxic individual, period.

I honestly have no idea if this even goes here, so I apologize if this doesn’t.

#personality #cantrelate

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Do you know your Enneagram type?

Personality tests are a dime a dozen and I don't take much stock in them aside from entertainment value. However, sometimes they are pretty darn accurate. I've taken the Enneagram Type test numerous times and I always come out a Type 3-Achiever. Characterized as a "workaholic," type 3's often seek validation for achievement. Their identity is formed around succeeding and productivity. They get anxious when they feel like they are wasting time. Guilty as charged. I can be super driven and also have a tendency toward being envious when someone else is successful at something which I HATE to admit. My constant challenge is to recognize that I can do something just for me without anyone else acknowledging it. And I need to learn to take a break sometimes.

Do you know what your Enneagram type is? If so, does it fit you? Share below!

#personality #Enneagram #PersonalityType


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hello my friends. Yes... It is me again.

Today i had quit my job that I was hired at about a week ago. I barely could make it through my day yesterday evening. It was quite awful because of the fact that I had stayed late, and did not get to go to sleep until closer to midnight. I struggled because I had to take #Medicine for my #Insomnia . I know how much I have been struggling for years with this disorder. The job started out kind of fun, but was lacking proper training. I realized that most employees were new, and kind of just thrown into the mix of store operations. One of the managers had a #personality clash with me. She came off very harsh, and snippy which made me so #nervous . I was #Crying about it, and could not seem to get myself out of that #worry .

I read somewhere that those who have #BipolarDisorder also have a connection with #Insomnia . Some may have reason to believe that it has to deal with a wandering mind due to a hypomanic episode. Yet, I think they fail to understand that it is not always the reason why.

I have a serious case of #DeathAnxiety that does not seem to go away. It has gotten better since my father had passed away, as I feel a little more comfortable with the facts that this happens to us all. However, I am still struggling. Each day that passes is another day completed of my life and I do not know when God will call me home. There is this weird feeling that I get in my chest that creates this #Weird thought process. I feel this hallowed out sensation in my chest, and I also experience a feeling like I need to whine or cry or yell "I do not want to die." Sometimes I call out for my #Dad who is no longer with me. Therefore, I noiced I have reached out to my #mom a whole lot. I #cherish the time that I have to live.

If you have made it this far through this message, I thank you.
I really would love a #reply .


The clouds are coming back #MentalHealth #Depresion #personality disorder #medicationweightgain

I went back to bed after getting the kids off to school. I can feel myself slipping back into the hopeless hole of mental cloudiness.
I’ve been on a combination of medication that has worked wonders for my thinking but the weight gain has been extreme. I can barely put shoes on my belly and legs are so large . I’m not used to this feeling.
I’ve been exercising several times a day plus watching my calories , without any weight loss success.
Maybe I’m just having a normal feeling of discouragement and it’s not my mental illness coming to ruin everything.
I’m going to make myself a coffee and do a workout.
I hope this feeling passes . I don’t want to go back to being mentally unwell.
Send me some motivation vibes , I need it .
Thank you