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#medshaming I am bp2 and have fibro and high blood pressure so I’m on a ton of meds. my pdoc wants me to up my lamictal by 100 to 200 a day and my seroquel from 50 to 150 to stabilize me. But I don’t feel that unstable: I think he’s doing it be he thinks addressing my bp more intensively might help me w fibromyalgia and maybe allow me to remove Lyrica. I am scared being on so many things but I have been through so much including two hospitalizations. I am scared full stop. how do you make peace w all the meds. I do get judged by friends but I also judge myself.

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Meds are important

medication is important because it helps stabilizes our mood so we can be in society and feel normal.

I mixed up my sleep meds with my daytime med and I didn’t feel like myself. Others noticed. Today I am paying for it and I’m a zombie.

#takeyourmeds #medshaming #Medicationhelp


There is no magic pill. #medshaming #BPD

I removed someone from my life today who straight up said to myself and others with BPD that pharmaceuticals aren't the answer. That people aren't deficient in pharma drugs, they are deficient in something else. She told me I need to cut out sugar and refine my diet and that she tells people to stop taking their meds. This is dangerous advice for someone like me. Trauma (especially during childhood) causes long-term disruption in the brain's hippocampus, amygdala, and medial prefrontal cortex, not to mention norepinephrine and cortisol systems. My meds help correct this. A healthy diet with less/no sugar has been proven to help neurotypical depression. It does NOT, however, provide the same benefits to someone with a personality disorder. This type of thinking and preaching is dangerous and needs to stop. There is no singular magic solution when it comes to mental health. Period.