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    Mascot Of 2020

    No thoughts right now...just rolling on the floor laughing🤣😭😂 #laughterisgoodmedicine #Laugh #Medicine #takeyourmeds


    Did you take your meds today #takeyourmeds #medicationreminder #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Depression #AttentiondeficitDisorder

    I thought that a reminder post might be a good idea for a lot of us. I've been struggling with taking mine, especially in the mornings. I just forget. So, did you take yours yet? I took mine today!


    Has anyone taken trintellix for depression? #takeyourmeds

    My psychiatrist changed my medicine today. I was previously on Zoloft and hated it for many reasons. Interested to see how this works.


    Meds are important

    medication is important because it helps stabilizes our mood so we can be in society and feel normal.

    I mixed up my sleep meds with my daytime med and I didn’t feel like myself. Others noticed. Today I am paying for it and I’m a zombie.

    #takeyourmeds #medshaming #Medicationhelp



    When your #Hypomania keeps you up until 5:00am and no one can understand why. You sit alone with you’re thoughts, half finished projects, slips of random pieces of paper and endless to do lists that seemed so vibrant, doable and full of life an hour ago. Now I sit in the dead of night, #alone , in a house full of people. They think I can #getsomerest or #takeyourmeds and go sleep. Like that will make a difference. All I want to do is finish one thing, just one so that I can say I was productive. #nooneunderstands How could they? Only I can hear the voice of #Mania roaring through my head at night. When I’m all alone with these bright pieces of paper and my pens. Now I’m #depressed because I have nothing to show of my #hypomanicepidode .