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RLS blues

What kind of medications are available for Cyclothymia? I ask because the one I'm currently on, Seroquel, is almost certainly exacerbating my restless leg syndrome and I'm begging with the universe to tell me there's a medication out there that will help me with my mental illness without worsening my RLS. #CyclothymicDisorder #Medicationhelp #RestlessLegsSyndrome #MedicationInducedMovementDisorders


Vraylar med #Bipolar2Disorder #Medicationhelp

Has anybody taken vraylar and has horrible side affects? I'm on day 12 and have severe vomiting to where I cant keep my other medications done and it is start to put me in a spiral.


Effexor side effects: Can contribute to inattention, decreased alertness and ineffective cognitive functions?

Medication question: I was told by a neuropsychologist that Effexor (venlafaxine) can contribute to inattention, decreased alertness, and ineffective cognitive functions... I had never heard that before... Anyone else heard of these side effects?? #Effexor #Antidepressants #PsychiatricMedication #Medicationhelp #medicationsideeffects

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Every mo, 1 bad wk #Anxiety#SocialAnxiety #PanicDisorder

I'm in the midst of a super-anxious-filled week, completely my fault. By now, I am a full-blown masochist who must subliminally enjoy feeling the physical wrath of anxiety coupled with the horrible physical withdrawal from anxiety meds all. the. time.  Every month for the past, idk, 3+ years, I put myself through a living hell for a week or two by mismanaging medication. And I am a full-grown, well-aware adult who knows better and should certainly act more responsibly.  Does anyone else have issues as grown adults (this is so embarrassing) managing medication?

Seems like every month, I go through a few days to up to two full weeks where I have to function sans medication because the first 50% of the month I did not manage my medication properly.  While I do need a new psych to tinker with an SSRI to lower my daily benzo dosage, I also completely admit to being physically dependent on benzos.  I am super ashamed at the fact that I am almost 33 and still cannot help myself from waaaaay over-relying on a benzo during the beginning and middle part of the month, with a full or hefty amount of script at bay, to lessen the blow of terribly bad luck, anxious situations, and simply experiencing life's not-so-great moments.

I am embarrassed how heavily I rely on a pill to get me through an hour, a moment, a situation.  I rely too much to not feel uncomfortable that I run out of meds early almost every month, which is completely unhealthy and totally dangerous.  When will I get my act together?

Being a week away from that next refill, I am going through my normal routine of desperately counting down the days hoping they will fly by, not caring life is just passing me by, like a full blown junkie, while I keep my eye on the prize (med refill!) and hope no issues arise* til I have script-in-hand again.  *You know, the issues like when doctors forget to call in monthly Rx's, delays in getting a new script, a new appointment is now/again needed for a refill, the pharmacy is out of stock, the pharmacy is extremely busy...

Why do I live like this?

Worrying about everything and anything, running on very little sleep, feeling physically sick, feeling extremely anxious -- this is now my "normal" for up to two weeks every month. I need to get some help and make some stark changes. #Medication#Medicationhelp #medicationmanagement #Adulting #epicfails #withdrawal#GAD #SocialAnxiety


Meds are important

medication is important because it helps stabilizes our mood so we can be in society and feel normal.

I mixed up my sleep meds with my daytime med and I didn’t feel like myself. Others noticed. Today I am paying for it and I’m a zombie.

#takeyourmeds #medshaming #Medicationhelp


Anyone got any ideas to help motivate me to take my meds

haven’t taken them for about a week and a half/two weeks. i know i need them to be better but i haven’t had the motivation to get out of bed. any help would be appreciated #Depression #Medicationhelp #help