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    Sunday Funny 😄

    <p>Sunday Funny 😄</p>
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    You Want ????

    <p>You Want ????</p>
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    What’s your favorite TV Series????

    <p>What’s your favorite TV Series????</p>
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    Parting away with a good friend. How do you cope with it ? #Friendship #BipolarDepression #Depression #nosleeptonight

    Hey,this is my first post at here and english is not my first language so forgive for mistakes🤗.

    Back story:
    I have a good friend from my time at uni, she and i bond over our fondness for cats and our #MentalHealt condition( me Bipolar and her dealing with Depression).
    Back at January she decided to get out of her job, and take a rest for 1 or 2 month and looking for job after that. But Corona happened and she's now leaving with no income, broke, and depends financially to her father. I know she's at her lowest point right now and trying to help as best as i could(financially and emotionally). Im trying to help her but she only contact me when she needed money and cut all the communication after that. When im trying to reach out to her she's cold and reject (rudely) my attempt to chat with her.

    Its make me feel terrible and hurt, and i though maybe this is time for us to part away from our it takes on my #MentalHealth and i cant sleep and crying everytime i remember our friendship. How do you cope losing a good friend?

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