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    PTSD nightmares last night, causing me to be anxious and unable to get back to sleep. Now tired and depressed at work due to exhaustion.

    #nosleeptonight #sleepparalysisdemons #sleeplessnights #haunting #nightmaresforsociety #nightmare #nightmares #sleeplessnight


    Have I found the promise land of my people?!? #nosleeptonight

    I fight sleep like a toddler sometimes, i refuse to let good days end bc the next with my high stakes, high pressure job, run by a dementor of a manager, i may not even get outta the bed at all. Slept too much time away sedated in that dark room and bed for massive depression episodes, ill sleep later lol but im always up late getting more bored as the night goes on bc normal pp are sleeping lol


    Trouble sleeping

    Anyone have any tricks for falling asleep when the pain is too much? I'm exhausted but can't get distracted/ comfortable enough, every position hurts 😭 #nosleeptonight #Everythinghurts

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    I guess this is a week that I am just not going to get any sleep. Sunday night was a toss and turn kind of night. Last night was just a nightmare kind of night. Tonight I just cannot sleep. My room is completely dark. I have my fan and air purifier going to cancel out noise. One of my dogs are snuggled up next to me. I tried meditation. I tried my sound machine. I guess sleep is just not in the cards for tonight.
    #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #Sleep #PTSD #nosleeptonight


    No sleep (again)

    I didn't sleep well at all last night. I had a good day yesterday which usually means I overdo it. This is what I did. Praying for sleep tonight. #nosleeptonight


    Aching legs

    It is after midnight and I was hoping for some sleep tonight, but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen #achinglegs #Pain #sjogrens #nosleeptonight #tired

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    #nosleeptonight #Work #needtofunction

    One heck of a night, 2 hours sleep. how am I going to function throughout the day.


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    Day 3: unknown night terrors

    Hey y’all, almost 4am here in Texas. I just woke up drenched in sweat, heart racing, scared as could be. & I have NO IDEA why. I don’t remember dreaming. But now I’m slowly starting to shake and I can’t fall back asleep. I can’t get my mind or my heart to calm down. Nights like these make me scared to live in my own head. I’m trying but I feel it taking over...
    #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Anxiety #Depression #nosleeptonight #AnxietyAttack #nightterrors


    Parting away with a good friend. How do you cope with it ? #Friendship #BipolarDepression #Depression #nosleeptonight

    Hey,this is my first post at here and english is not my first language so forgive for mistakes🤗.

    Back story:
    I have a good friend from my time at uni, she and i bond over our fondness for cats and our #MentalHealt condition( me Bipolar and her dealing with Depression).
    Back at January she decided to get out of her job, and take a rest for 1 or 2 month and looking for job after that. But Corona happened and she's now leaving with no income, broke, and depends financially to her father. I know she's at her lowest point right now and trying to help as best as i could(financially and emotionally). Im trying to help her but she only contact me when she needed money and cut all the communication after that. When im trying to reach out to her she's cold and reject (rudely) my attempt to chat with her.

    Its make me feel terrible and hurt, and i though maybe this is time for us to part away from our it takes on my #MentalHealth and i cant sleep and crying everytime i remember our friendship. How do you cope losing a good friend?


    10,000 miles an hour

    So tomorrow is over the phone consultation with my local mental health team, its only taken 10months to be seen... (spoken too ) and my head is buzzing,stomach is in knots, fear im going to mess the whole thing up, fear of having to dig the past all up again,having to admit im worse now than i was 10months ago. 28years of emotion feelings thoughts fears and self sabotagge habbits to get through 🙄😳🙈🙈
    #MentalHealth #COVID19 therapy #childhoodproblems #notjustfeppressionandanxiety #Nerves #nosleeptonight