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I can not do this any moor

I don't want to do this any moor I don't think I can been maid to feel like it's all in your head like you are alone and no matter were you turn there is no help 2 years down the line and still waiting to see the therapy's it's a joke I just want to kill myself every day and every day it fight as hard as I can but I don't want to any moor enough is enough #Selfharm #Anxity #MentalHealth

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My children treat me very bad. I’m only good for them if they need something that I can do for them. This hurts very bad. My daughter use my grandchildren as a yo-yo. If I don’t do just what she wants me to do she pulls the kids from me. I have PTSD and am having a hard time dealing with it right now. My daughter does not seem to understand, that I’m going threw a lot right now. I have tried to talk to her but it has to be her way. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m at a loss at this point.
#PTSD #Anxity # depression #Bipolor

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Time and time again #PTSD # bipolar #Anxity

First off I just want to say hi and thank you guys for letting me join your group a little bit of my story is I have been fighting with mental health and suicidal tendencies since I was 12. I’m now 38 years old at 12 years old, they said that I had clinical depression And put me on antidepressants at that point in time and those years they tried to blame it on my parents and my home life the first my parents to go through classes on how to deal with a child with depression while I was in the hospital I spent 30 days in the hospital the first time I went for attempted suicide. It took me till I was 24 to get the diagnosis of bipolar disorder with severe generalized anxiety and panic disorder so I have spent many years in and out of hospitals. I have spent many years on different depression medication‘s they work for a year year and a half six months and then they’ll stop working and I will have to change medications and they end up going inpatient for med techs or medication issues and then I bounced from therapist and blended case managers, and psychiatrist so much. I pretty much feel like I should have my degree in mental health. I have a few very close friends and some friends that aren’t so close. I have been homebound. I am currently in a good place right now, I’m home on disability because I’m on able to work right now but I am able to leave my house which for me as a plus but again I just wanted to say thank you for letting me join your group and I hope you guys will be a great support and I hope that I can support you guys in anyway if not just to be somebody to be positive I do post a lot of positive pictures which I added one to this post hopefully you guys have the day you deserve

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Was it betrayal or just ignorance? #Depression #Anxity

To the point…..I was sexually abused by a brother growing up. My grown son knows, but doesn’t know details. My son tells me he sent “that” brother a Christmas card after asking his cousin for the address. I didn’t have a response when he told me what he did, I just brushed it off and changed the subject. My son isn’t close with his uncle so I’m confused. We did lose another brother to suicide a few months ago. Why did he do that and why did he tell me what he did?????? I should say my son and I are very close and talk every day. I don’t know if I should feel betrayed by my son or chalk it up to ignorance.

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Smol puppy

Recently finished despite dealing with crippling depression these last few months.

Needless to say I’m very happy with how this turned out, I just need to shut my brain off and stop nitpicking 😂 and now I cannot wait for trick or treat!

#depession #Anxity #Depression #ChronicDepression


Binge shopping

I just can’t stop and it’s so frustrating! I have issues with binge shopping due to my depression/anxieties. Losing my job didn’t help and only makes not binging on shopping so important yet my brain just tells me I ‘need’ whatever it is.

I’ve tried so much to stop and nothing is working, I’m gonna have to have a really one to one with my Therapist and figure out how to curb this.

At least the interview I had the other day went well, so that means money coming in.

Thanks for reading and if you have any advice your awesome!!!

#ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxity #anxious #CheckInWithMe


Sending love ❤️

This is a great place to be with a family, i have been reading many posts by fellow mighties and they are very sweet and empowering to the soul ❤.

So i thought about stepping in and sharing as well,
I could say the last few years were not the best, i was diagnosed with cptsd, which made sense why i was feeling depressed since age 14.
I moved to canada about 5 years ago, left my family with no contact, i made few friends here but soon i couldn't keep up so i left them as well, i have been living a hermit life, "which sucks by the way" i really don't want to be alone, but can't connect with people.
I do feel better now, no longer depressed, quit on using and drinking, "habits i got from walking with the wrong people", yet still can't find satisfaction in life, for now i just want to feel connected, i know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but i feel my tunnel is too long.

Anyway that's my story, i'll try to keep my head up, and i'll keep supporting you here because i love it here, it's a great place actually, i welcome any advise or suggestions, but also would love to hear your thoughts as well. ❤

#CPTSD #Anxity #PTSD #Trauma #OCD