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    Was it betrayal or just ignorance? #Depression #Anxity

    To the point…..I was sexually abused by a brother growing up. My grown son knows, but doesn’t know details. My son tells me he sent “that” brother a Christmas card after asking his cousin for the address. I didn’t have a response when he told me what he did, I just brushed it off and changed the subject. My son isn’t close with his uncle so I’m confused. We did lose another brother to suicide a few months ago. Why did he do that and why did he tell me what he did?????? I should say my son and I are very close and talk every day. I don’t know if I should feel betrayed by my son or chalk it up to ignorance.

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    Smol puppy

    Recently finished despite dealing with crippling depression these last few months.

    Needless to say I’m very happy with how this turned out, I just need to shut my brain off and stop nitpicking 😂 and now I cannot wait for trick or treat!

    #depession #Anxity #Depression #ChronicDepression


    Binge shopping

    I just can’t stop and it’s so frustrating! I have issues with binge shopping due to my depression/anxieties. Losing my job didn’t help and only makes not binging on shopping so important yet my brain just tells me I ‘need’ whatever it is.

    I’ve tried so much to stop and nothing is working, I’m gonna have to have a really one to one with my Therapist and figure out how to curb this.

    At least the interview I had the other day went well, so that means money coming in.

    Thanks for reading and if you have any advice your awesome!!!

    #ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxity #anxious #CheckInWithMe


    Sending love ❤️

    This is a great place to be with a family, i have been reading many posts by fellow mighties and they are very sweet and empowering to the soul ❤.

    So i thought about stepping in and sharing as well,
    I could say the last few years were not the best, i was diagnosed with cptsd, which made sense why i was feeling depressed since age 14.
    I moved to canada about 5 years ago, left my family with no contact, i made few friends here but soon i couldn't keep up so i left them as well, i have been living a hermit life, "which sucks by the way" i really don't want to be alone, but can't connect with people.
    I do feel better now, no longer depressed, quit on using and drinking, "habits i got from walking with the wrong people", yet still can't find satisfaction in life, for now i just want to feel connected, i know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but i feel my tunnel is too long.

    Anyway that's my story, i'll try to keep my head up, and i'll keep supporting you here because i love it here, it's a great place actually, i welcome any advise or suggestions, but also would love to hear your thoughts as well. ❤

    #CPTSD #Anxity #PTSD #Trauma #OCD

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    Its a dating game

    Weather your ready or not. You will always have that little truth about weather you want to be alone or dating. Which do you prefer? Dating is alwaus a game of more then just common interest it's also physical and mental too.
    You can find your self looking at a screen for someone you barely know to meet them and find out you may or may not like them. Think about this reader's what are your signs of why you should go out with a guy or a women? Comment below about your experience with your dating 🎮 game viva in person or online #neverlonely #Anxity #Love #love_more


    what do you do when you feel emotional void and neediness for a partner?

    recently i've been so emotional. i've been dreaming about get back into the love experience,but i'm afraid that my disorder will make her leave or hard to stay, i'm full of flaws and also hard to love person , i'm kinda unloveable tbh and i need to work more on myself, is there someone who feel the same? , how to overcome this feeling and live life normally? #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #Anxity



    This may seem rambly but I wanna get it off my chest. Im frustrated by my life, I feel completely lost and like a failure. I hate what I went to school for but due to the debit I can’t go back, and am in a dead end job with no future. The contact I thought I had won’t call me back.

    I’ve been dealing with depression/anxiety and suicidal thought nearly my whole life and honestly if this hell hole is supposed to be my life then I don’t want to deal with it anymore

    #ChronicDepression #CheckInWithMe #Anxity


    Need advice

    I recently started a new job, it’s okay. However I take this vacation in July and when I was hired I told them about this vacation, they originally had no problem with me taking this vacation. Since starting now they are giving me lots of flack for this only vacation I take in the summer.

    Needless to say I’m extremely upset. I’m a custodian and nervous about what to say to this new job about this vacation.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    #CheckInWithMe #Newjob #Anxity #Depression