here we go again
another episode.
screaming loudly because rage
look how stupid you look.
Your insane
Your crazy.
Your an idiot.
Stop screaming already.
Everything is your fault because of the way you are.
suddenly self harms.
see don't you feel better
Because you know your a big piece of shit.
Show the world your crazy.
Show the world your no good
Just leave already.
goes numb.
Rage subsides.
Depression and suicidal thoughts begin.
youll never do anything with your life, you know that
Your useless
Your worthless
Your going to end up alone anyways
Everyone will abandon you.
no they won't
oh yes they will.
They can't stand you.
They always talk about you
Nobody truly loves you.
yes they Do.
Tears streaming down.
listen to yourself. You have hope?
Fuck your hope.
I will destroy every ounce of hope you have.
why are you like this.
im your mental illness.
Ill never go away.
I'm here to ruin you.
Ruin your relationships.
Ruin your life
Take your life
i will fight till the end.
To wake up and know I'll be okay everyday.
With or without you.
I have to fight you everyday.
That's okay.
We all struggle with something.
You are not alone.
That horrible voice in your head…
Don't let it win.
You are worth it.
You are priceless
You are not alone.
You get one life,
Live it. Fight for it. Love it.

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