I don’t offer post of the mighty however when I do I really remember the reason I signed up. What an amazing community.

One thing the above photo represents is my bedroom- although not perfect- all clean and neat. I have begun practicing being a minimalist and whatever I do not need nor want nor will use anytime past or future- gets given away.

I chop and change when giving away my old belongings as not all ‘do-gooders’ perform the way they state they do. Churches I find have been especially integral in giving back to the poorer population.

Back to the picture...

I have been a bit down and erratic as of late. New changes happening every day, stress and kids and running a house, new job etc etc... yes yes I cannot forget how truly grateful I am but wow, sometimes you wake up and feel like life has knocked you in the stomach. The ups and downs of the last year has got many of us in a stir and a whirlwind of emotions we haven’t been trained to process so simply we are all ‘winging it’ at the moment, trying to feel a small sense of normalcy and control while things clearly are not that way.

On a positive note- as in the above pic- I have started- room by room- one day at a time- cleaning out every last item in each part of the room and purging items that no longer serve me.

I have been surprised by the sense of freedom and weightlessness of not having too much ‘stuff’. Instead I have kept only what I need. This one simple act has changed the vibe in every part of my home and has changed the energy too. I would really recommend it.

I have even started applying it to my social media and devices- every day I delete one-two apps off my phone. Very small but lighter feeling in the end!

Keep safe and healthy and dm me for any questions or just to have a safe space to chat.

Love and light