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How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health

So excited for you to hear today's podcast episode! I spoke with Krista Lockwood about how she accidentally stumbled into decluttering and how it changed her life and improved her mental health and emotional well-being. This episode inspired me so much that after speaking with Krista, I ran around my house gathering things into garbage bags and piles. My home feels better already!

If the clutter in your home is stressing you out or causing you to feel overwhelmed or anxious then listen to today's episode because Krista gives tons of great tips on how to declutter and how to move past certain mindset blocks.

97. How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health - AccordingtoDes

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97. How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health - AccordingtoDes

Hello and welcome to my podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. On today’s episode I speak with Krista Lockwood about the power of decluttering. I’m Desiree, a Mental Health Therapist that is passionate about helping people improve their mental health and live a healthy and fulfilled life. One way I do this is by interviewing experts in […]


Thought I'd start the day off with decluttering my house ready for new furniture and other furniture being moved around after having a bad night.. Over did it, 🙄 now I have a banging headache and pulled my back lifting the bed too many times.. #Depression #MentalHealth #deClutter #messfree #Headache #Cleaning #Overdidit #tired

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I don’t offer post of the mighty however when I do I really remember the reason I signed up. What an amazing community.

One thing the above photo represents is my bedroom- although not perfect- all clean and neat. I have begun practicing being a minimalist and whatever I do not need nor want nor will use anytime past or future- gets given away.

I chop and change when giving away my old belongings as not all ‘do-gooders’ perform the way they state they do. Churches I find have been especially integral in giving back to the poorer population.

Back to the picture...

I have been a bit down and erratic as of late. New changes happening every day, stress and kids and running a house, new job etc etc... yes yes I cannot forget how truly grateful I am but wow, sometimes you wake up and feel like life has knocked you in the stomach. The ups and downs of the last year has got many of us in a stir and a whirlwind of emotions we haven’t been trained to process so simply we are all ‘winging it’ at the moment, trying to feel a small sense of normalcy and control while things clearly are not that way.

On a positive note- as in the above pic- I have started- room by room- one day at a time- cleaning out every last item in each part of the room and purging items that no longer serve me.

I have been surprised by the sense of freedom and weightlessness of not having too much ‘stuff’. Instead I have kept only what I need. This one simple act has changed the vibe in every part of my home and has changed the energy too. I would really recommend it.

I have even started applying it to my social media and devices- every day I delete one-two apps off my phone. Very small but lighter feeling in the end!

Keep safe and healthy and dm me for any questions or just to have a safe space to chat.

Love and light

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Trashing Valuables. Would you ?

So, my mental state is Emotional. But I need to make room in my life and my house. I’m going to each nook and cranny in the place. Throwing things away that once held great memories or a purpose. Am I wrong in doing this?What if I need it again? Should I hold off? What would you do? #deClutter #SafeSpace
#empty #aniexty #Depression


Goals for 2020

Easy: make at least one +20 km bike trip a month
Moderate: finally declutter my house
Ambitious: try to improve my sleep wake cycle, so that I can get some more daylight exposure

#dspd #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder #deClutter #SleepWakeDisorders  #52SmallThings