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Mornings Have Been Really Hard

Without fail in the last few days, I would wake up with a feeling of heaviness in my chest. Other times, I feel even more tired than when I went to bed. Convincing myself to get up involves sitting up multiple times only to lay down again until I've got enough energy to get up. The heaviness does lessen throughout the day, but sometimes it comes back. I honestly wish I had timetable for when this will pass. #Depression #MorningStruggle #MentalHealth #Heaviness #Sleep #tiredness


These Eyes are on Fire

Every day I wake up and I feel like my eyes are going to melt out of my skull.

It doesn’t matter how much rest I’ve had; too much, too little, the average healthy amount that other normal humans should be sleeping, none of it works! My entire eyeball and eye socket on each side still feels like it’s been lit on fire with rubbing alcohol, inside and out. It’s this awful, stinging, burning pain accompanied with a pounding in my temples and it makes me never want to wake up or open my eyes again.

Honestly one of the worst things about mornings to me. I had to vent. It’s been an hour and my eyes still feel raw and the temples are still driving me mad.

#Fibromyalgia #MorningStruggle #Spoonie #NonRestorativeSleep


Today’s Compliment

Someone complimented my hair today. Sometimes I wonder if those around me are just trying to cheer me up. I only got out of bed enough to let my puppy play this morning before work. No shower. Just clothes and minimal hygiene. #MorningStruggle #Depression