Right now, I’d rather believe that I don’t want friends to text me back.
Noticing when our patterns restart- that's progress! #progress
Oh no, My body will never be healthy, fit and trim! Am I even trying?
I'm useless when I'm sick, and I'm sick so often, no wonder people don't need me.
I don't need people. I nurse my health on my own, use music and food to comfort myself, and soon enough they'll be getting on without me, too.
I don't want to need them...
For conversation or empathy or camaraderie or encouragement ...
I really should learn to depend on them, though.
Trust issues > Low Self-esteem > Discouragement > Fear > Depression
I am so proud that I can recognize these faulty beliefs! And music is a wonderful outlet for emotional and mental health- I can share it with you all instead of listening in solitude! 😊💕🎧 We are mighty.

Motivation Playlist:
The Underdog, Spoon
Warriors, Imagine Dragons
Combat Baby, Metric
Zero, Imagine Dragons
Who's With Me, USS
Wrecking Ball, Mother Mother
Fight Song, Rachel Platten
Who Knew, P!nk
We Are Young, fun.
She's Kerosene, The Interrupters
Thunder, Imagine Dragons
Can't Change Me, Chris Cornell
Live to Rise, Soundgarden
Knocking at the Door, Arkells
Take Back The Power, The Interrupters
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