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× " So I Trained More Today Yaay! " × #AnUpdate

× " So I Did The Cash Register Again All Day... And This Time We Are Currently [ Cash Only ]. The Computer System's Are Acting Up... Alot.. And I Asked My Boss If She Knew About Me Doing The Cash Registration... She Said Yes So Thank The God's... ☆ And I Wanted To Work Late Today To Learn More Knowledge... I Did The Front-Line × Grill Station's... I'm Going To Ask My Boss If I Can Be Trained On The Front-Line × Grill Station's 1st ... Because The Registration Is Alot To Learn And Process... Because Of My #learning Disabilitie's... ♧ I'm Soo EXHAUSTED 😩 And Sleepy... " × #movingup #AnUpdate ☆ S. K. ☆


TO the one who worries what they will all think about him #

It has been and still is an excruciatingly painful few weeks, but I'm not mad at you. I'm not depressed because of you. I'm not having my morbid dark thoughts because of you. I'm going thru all this and having app these problems because of ME!

HOW the fuck did I let you do this to me again?
HOW did I trust you with my everything and let you take it all away again?
HOW did I still after last time believe YOU are a good person?
HOW did I ever let you're narcissistic and sociopathic ass grab ahold of my brain and heart again?

So, as you see, I'm not mad, hurt or disappointed in you. For im the one to blame because I TRULY BELIEVED IN YOU FROM THE START AND OBVIOUSLY THE DEVIL HAS OWNED YOUR SOUL SINCE YOU WERE A KID.

#NarcissisticAbuse #Depression #movingup #Stronger