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    ° " Another Nice Day At Work.. " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " Today Was Nice And Peaceful Not Busy At All. For 2 Day's Straight... After Covid I Now Can't Catch My Breath. If I Do Alot. And Get Extremely More Tired And Exhausted.. For No Reason... I Still Have Mucus Phelm. Trying To Get Rid Of It... " ° #AnUpdate Sincerely, ☆Skaoi Kvitravn ☆

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    ° " My 1st Day Back Since Getting Sick With Covid " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " My Day Was Ok.... But Now I Can't Breathe Well... And I Get Winded And Extremely Exhausted... Right Away. And Then I Started Getting Another Headache. Everyone Kept Asking Why I Wasn't At Work. Well Geez People I Was Infected. Now I Have To Stay Masked Forever. These Stupid Viruse's Will Never Go Away... " ° #AnUpdate Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn •

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    ° " Hey There! GOOD MORNING!! FAM... " ° #feelingbetter 🤞

    ☆ " Well That Was An Extremely Interesting Experience... That I Never Want To Have Ever Again... Thank The God's For My 2 Shot's... After I'm Fully Negative I Retest On Mon. Before I Go Back To Work Make A Trip To The Doc To Get A Dumb. Note. I Had A Wierd Experience With Toothpaste Now. Whenever I Brush My Teeth. I Litterly Smell Black Licorice. I'm Not Joking... Idk If My Sensitive Smell Is Out Of Wack. I Can Definitely Still Taste Thing's. Own My Arm's Are Still Sore Apparently While... I'm Writing This To You Lol. But I Think This Wild Gnarly Ride Of A Crazy Train Is Over. Take Care Peep's Much Love XoXo ☆• Skaoi Kvitravn •☆ #AnUpdate

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    ° " 👋 Mighty Family! I'm Still Kicking... " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " So Omfg! I Litterly Wouldn't Wish This Nightmare Virus On Anyone... Not Even On My Jealous Enemie's... I Started Off With A Severe Headache Litterly From H*ll. To The Point Where I Thought That I Was Having A Stroke It Was That Bad I Was In Tear's. The Body Pain Was Horrible. I Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. The Feverish Up's And Down's. I'm Still Stuffy And Can't Move I'm So Exhausted All The Time... I Still Have Body Pain. No Memory Fog Yet. I Couldn't Wish Or Celebrate. My Son's 20th Brithday. Yesterday. For The New People That Don't Know. I Lost My Son To " Sudden Infant Death Syndrome "... In 2004. So I Wish Him A Happy Birthday Every Jan 12th.. Well Still On This Messed Up Adventure Until Next Post.... Take Care Peep's Xoxo " ° •Skaoi Kvitravn• #Thought 's

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    ° "Sigh! So I've Fully Tested Postive For Covid 19..." ° #AnUpdate

    • " I Just Took An At Home Testing Kit... A Dark Line Quickly Popped 1st. And Then The Second Line Is Barly Visable. So I'm Postive Vacation Time From My Job. That's Where I Got Infected. The Pain Is Unbareable. I Have A Fever... A Cough.. No Vomiting Or The You Know What's. My Memory Is Foggy AF. I Will Keep This Saga Of Tale's Updated. 🤮🤧🤢" • Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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    ° " Ugh! This Is A Nightmare... The Virus Is No Joke... " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " I Texted My Boss This Morning Flat Out Said That I Have Covid. She Was Surprisingly Understanding... Maybe They Can Finally Start Training Another Cashier. I Still Feel Horrible... And In Massive Pain. I Treated Myself To Some Fluffy French Toast From IHOP. I Litterly Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. Because My Throat Is About To Fall Off. And Sore. How Long Doe's This Crap Take To Pass?.... That Muncinex Is A Gem. It Knocked Me Out At Night. I Still Have This Severe Migraine. That My Vein's On The Side's Of My Face Are Popping Out." ° Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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    ° " Welp! I'm Pretty Sure That I Have Covid... FML! " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " Tomarrow I'm Going To Get A Test Kit... I'm Not Feeling My Best Self... Oh Well Time Away From The Chaotic Place Called Work... I Definitely Feel Like S%%t... I Will Keep In Touch... That's The Damn Place That Got Me Sick. Welp! I'm Going To Call In Again... I Don't Feel Safe Over There. My Boss Is Going To Flip. Well She Let's Sick People Come To Work. So I'm Not Going To Risk Myself More... " ° Love You All ! Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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    ° " I Had Another Great Day At Work... Yaay! " °#AnUpdate

    ° " Well I Had A Non Stressful Day... I Had To Come Up With Something ... So Now I Basically Raise My Voice Louder Because These Customer's Are Like Non Verbal Or Don't Speak Up. It's Working... So Far... I Had A Guy Come In With His Family... And He Also Picked Up The Tab For Random Stranger's Behind Him. And The Police Now That's "Kindness"... I Was In Shock His Bill Was At $131.97 Lolz I Also Had Nobody Yell At Me. Or Threatened My Job... I'm Currently Bummed Because I'm Broke I Just Paid My Rent. And My Next Bill Is My Gas."° Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn • #Thought 's

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    ☆ " So I Made An Ode To My God's This Morning! "☆ #AnUpdate

    ° " I Was Getting Ready To Head Off To Work... And I Opened My Door... There Was This Cute Rottweiler Pup... Just Standing Guard At My Door. For Some Reason. And I Talked To My Boss This Morning Because I Was Feeling Depressed... I Had An Actual Super Fun Day.. I Got To Use The Grill And Help In The - Frontline And Did Some Register. It Was A Nice Break. That's All I Want Is To Do Diffrent Station's. Not To Stay Stuck On Cash Register.." ° Sincerely, Skaoi #AnUpdate

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    × " Well Today At Work Was Actually Not That Stressful.."× #AnUpdate

    ° " I Was Walking Out My Door And 2 Huge Dog's Were On The Loose... One Was A Husky And The Other One Was Just Huge.. But Idk What It Was.. It Was Super Odd I Just Got Done Making A Ode To My Goddness "Skadi" And My God "Odin" ... They Must Of Sent Me A Sign This Morning... The Dog's Weren't Vicious Or Barking... The Husky Looked At Me And Stood At My Door Like He Was Protecting Me... And Smile And Ran Off... My 1st Customer Couldn't Make Up His Mind On What To Eat... And Kept Making Call My Manager To Remove Thing's... But My Day Was Nice And Peaceful... I Looked At My New Work Schedule... And I Earned 3 Day's Off. But Work New Year's Eve And Day... Which Is Wierd I Guess They Really Are That Desparate For Money Lol... My Depression Is Still Kinda Lurking Around It Won't Go Away I Wore My Amulet... So That's Why I Had A Great Day..

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