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°" This Company Just Can't Seem To Keep People Empolyed At All"° ?¿ #AnUpdate

• " So I Came In At 7:30 A.M. All Because People Don't Want To Work At This Restaurant... 3 People Didn't Show Up... And 1 Have Might Have Quit... I Feel Like I'm Going To Get Shafted... Into Working Crazy Day's And Wierd Hour's Now.. My Lower Back And Mainly My Sciatica Have Been Giving Me.. So Much Issue's.. I Haven't Been Off Of My Feet For 2 Week's Or More... Today Alot Of Customer's Decided To Become Super Annoying Af And Undecisive Like Alway's... Wasting My Time.. I Was Doing Or Being Asked To Help With Other Thing's.. Because We Were Short Staffed... It Never Seem's To End.. And I Will Never Be Able To Get Out Of This #Deep Depression Cycle... " ° Sincerely, •●•Skaoi Kvitravn •●•

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° " Finally 40 Hour's I Have Worked... Hopefully It Will Stay Like This... " ° #hopeful

• " Work Was A Slow Day Finally... Less Stress But Tomarrow Would Be A Different Story... I Looked At My Paycheck Stub Just Now $400+ I'm Making Right Now... That's What I Was Getting When I Frist Started... I'm Happy Alittle... But Still Depressed And Anxious.. " ° #AnUpdate •°○Skaoi Kvitravn °•°

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° " Another Nice Day At Work.. " ° #AnUpdate

° " Today Was Nice And Peaceful Not Busy At All. For 2 Day's Straight... After Covid I Now Can't Catch My Breath. If I Do Alot. And Get Extremely More Tired And Exhausted.. For No Reason... I Still Have Mucus Phelm. Trying To Get Rid Of It... " ° #AnUpdate Sincerely, ☆Skaoi Kvitravn ☆

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° " My 1st Day Back Since Getting Sick With Covid " ° #AnUpdate

° " My Day Was Ok.... But Now I Can't Breathe Well... And I Get Winded And Extremely Exhausted... Right Away. And Then I Started Getting Another Headache. Everyone Kept Asking Why I Wasn't At Work. Well Geez People I Was Infected. Now I Have To Stay Masked Forever. These Stupid Viruse's Will Never Go Away... " ° #AnUpdate Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn •

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° " Hey There! GOOD MORNING!! FAM... " ° #feelingbetter 🤞

☆ " Well That Was An Extremely Interesting Experience... That I Never Want To Have Ever Again... Thank The God's For My 2 Shot's... After I'm Fully Negative I Retest On Mon. Before I Go Back To Work Make A Trip To The Doc To Get A Dumb. Note. I Had A Wierd Experience With Toothpaste Now. Whenever I Brush My Teeth. I Litterly Smell Black Licorice. I'm Not Joking... Idk If My Sensitive Smell Is Out Of Wack. I Can Definitely Still Taste Thing's. Own My Arm's Are Still Sore Apparently While... I'm Writing This To You Lol. But I Think This Wild Gnarly Ride Of A Crazy Train Is Over. Take Care Peep's Much Love XoXo ☆• Skaoi Kvitravn •☆ #AnUpdate

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° " 👋 Mighty Family! I'm Still Kicking... " ° #AnUpdate

° " So Omfg! I Litterly Wouldn't Wish This Nightmare Virus On Anyone... Not Even On My Jealous Enemie's... I Started Off With A Severe Headache Litterly From H*ll. To The Point Where I Thought That I Was Having A Stroke It Was That Bad I Was In Tear's. The Body Pain Was Horrible. I Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. The Feverish Up's And Down's. I'm Still Stuffy And Can't Move I'm So Exhausted All The Time... I Still Have Body Pain. No Memory Fog Yet. I Couldn't Wish Or Celebrate. My Son's 20th Brithday. Yesterday. For The New People That Don't Know. I Lost My Son To " Sudden Infant Death Syndrome "... In 2004. So I Wish Him A Happy Birthday Every Jan 12th.. Well Still On This Messed Up Adventure Until Next Post.... Take Care Peep's Xoxo " ° •Skaoi Kvitravn• #Thought 's

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° "Sigh! So I've Fully Tested Postive For Covid 19..." ° #AnUpdate

• " I Just Took An At Home Testing Kit... A Dark Line Quickly Popped 1st. And Then The Second Line Is Barly Visable. So I'm Postive Vacation Time From My Job. That's Where I Got Infected. The Pain Is Unbareable. I Have A Fever... A Cough.. No Vomiting Or The You Know What's. My Memory Is Foggy AF. I Will Keep This Saga Of Tale's Updated. 🤮🤧🤢" • Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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° " Ugh! This Is A Nightmare... The Virus Is No Joke... " ° #AnUpdate

° " I Texted My Boss This Morning Flat Out Said That I Have Covid. She Was Surprisingly Understanding... Maybe They Can Finally Start Training Another Cashier. I Still Feel Horrible... And In Massive Pain. I Treated Myself To Some Fluffy French Toast From IHOP. I Litterly Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. Because My Throat Is About To Fall Off. And Sore. How Long Doe's This Crap Take To Pass?.... That Muncinex Is A Gem. It Knocked Me Out At Night. I Still Have This Severe Migraine. That My Vein's On The Side's Of My Face Are Popping Out." ° Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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° " Welp! I'm Pretty Sure That I Have Covid... FML! " ° #AnUpdate

° " Tomarrow I'm Going To Get A Test Kit... I'm Not Feeling My Best Self... Oh Well Time Away From The Chaotic Place Called Work... I Definitely Feel Like S%%t... I Will Keep In Touch... That's The Damn Place That Got Me Sick. Welp! I'm Going To Call In Again... I Don't Feel Safe Over There. My Boss Is Going To Flip. Well She Let's Sick People Come To Work. So I'm Not Going To Risk Myself More... " ° Love You All ! Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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° " I Had Another Great Day At Work... Yaay! " °#AnUpdate

° " Well I Had A Non Stressful Day... I Had To Come Up With Something ... So Now I Basically Raise My Voice Louder Because These Customer's Are Like Non Verbal Or Don't Speak Up. It's Working... So Far... I Had A Guy Come In With His Family... And He Also Picked Up The Tab For Random Stranger's Behind Him. And The Police Now That's "Kindness"... I Was In Shock His Bill Was At $131.97 Lolz I Also Had Nobody Yell At Me. Or Threatened My Job... I'm Currently Bummed Because I'm Broke I Just Paid My Rent. And My Next Bill Is My Gas."° Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn • #Thought 's

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