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It’s MS Awareness Week and I’m proud to be a part of the movement that will someday cure MS! No matter your connection to MS, you have a story – create your own #mymsmoment and share to help spread awareness. More #msawareness means more understanding for people with MS. Thank you Viatris for sponsoring the My MS Moment creator tool.

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Fixing My Crown #helmetbaby #fixingmycrown #cranialtherapy #msawareness

Hello Mighty Community!

I’ve been living with MS for 6 years now, and just published my very first book! It’s a children’s book inspired by my daughter’s cranial therapy journey, but I also used this as an opportunity to spread MS awareness.

I’m reaching out to tell you this because it’s people like you that encouraged me to embrace my MS and show the world it won’t slow me down!!

My book is called Fixing My Crown and it’s about my daughters cranial therapy journey. When she was diagnosed with plagiocephaly I searched for a childrens book like this one, with no luck. So I created my own! I’m really hoping to reach other helmet families, and pray that it helps them feel not so alone in this unique journey.

Here is the link to my book baby page if you want to check it out -

The book will also be available on Amazon and B&N in a few short weeks.

Thank you so much!

Fixing My Crown

Read along as Charlotte goes through her cranial therapy journey. This book walks through the process of getting a helmet and common situations for helmet babies and families. Although the journey may be challenging at times, this book helps bring a bit of humor and comfort to those going through their own helmet journey!
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MS is 3X more common in women than men - and that's not all

Men and women share symptoms of MS, but hormones play a large part in disease progression. Men tend to have more neurodegeneration and worse cognitive symptoms than women, but women tend to have more inflammatory lesions compared to men.

Women may experience worsening in symptoms during menstruation, menopause and postpartum. These times are thought to exacerbate MS symptoms due to changes in hormone levels, particularly estrogen.

Learn more:

#womenshistorymonth #msawareness #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support #wheelieoutthere

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What was your journey to getting an MS diagnosis? How long did it take?

It's MS Awareness Week - our personal stories are important!

#mymsmoment #msawareness #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support #wheelieoutthere

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Rep. Barbara Jordan – MS Warrior

During MS Awareness and Women's History months, Barbara Jordan is who comes to mind! MS, Women's Liberation, racial equality, Gay Liberation, defending the Constitution during Watergate – she was fighting all of the battles 50 years ago! She was respected by all for her integrity and courage.

Learn more about Barbara Jordan's life in this short video:

#womenshistory #MS #msawareness #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support

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Watching the sunrise helped me to feel positive

Hiya, I got up super early and went to the top of the mountain that is behind my home to watch the sunrise. I had been feeling a little low but greeting in the new day with just sheep and skylarks as companions definitely helped a little. Sadly I can't walk the hills anymore but just taking this new day in was superb #MultipleSclerosis #msawareness #Depression #AloneWithMyThoughts #alone #Disability