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My parents are getting a divorce and I think they are both very sad. I think my mom is holding back the fact she might wanna get back together. I already know my dad will always love her and take her back. I wish they could figure out a way to get back together. I miss my family as one😩. # divorced #myfamily


Lost both my parents, which have taken a toll on me and then some. Too many words that go through my mind all jumbled up. Therefore it feels like I’m rambling therefore I’m not sure if I make any sense. I know what words I’m saying. I try to straighten the words out as I say them. Sometimes I wonder if the words to straighten out.
Just have a lot going on in my head and most of the time the words are jumbled up. No I’m not saying anything bad and not implying anything bad.
No judging thank you and appreciated it
#lostparents #
#proudveteran ’swife#
#loveandmissmyparents #
#myfamily #

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Family Time is Precious and Scarce #MohThanFamily

#Depression for me sets in when I spend too much time detached from my family. I discovered this the hard way when I ceased to function properly and could not focus on work.

I knew and felt that I wasn't physically sick, and work was great. But I was just so down and out of it.

after deep thought I discovered that the source of #TheMighty #power in me was #myfamily

Find your source, and never stray far from it. this small action goes a long way in helping in your fight against depression.


Why I Keep Going

#mydaughter #myhusband #myparents #myfamily #myfriends

I keep going because in life you never know whats ahead. It could be the deepest, darkest sea, or a path that leads to more pain. It could be a bright colorfull rainbow with Blessings.
I take it one day at a time. I had surgery yesterday morning and I am in a lot of pain. I have RSD/CRPS (The most painfull condition Known to Man). Rated 42 out of 50 on the McGill pain scale. It used to be called “Causalgia” in the Civil War.
I am sharing this information for awareness. I am not trying to sound snooty, or to trivialize anyones pain on here. We all have pain in our own lives. I know though that I am strong and mighty. I have faith I can do this.
Even if its just getting through a difficult day. We ALL can do this we just need to keep trying. #dontgiveup