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How do u stop self harming

I’ve bin self harming since 1 year and still haven’t stoped my mom has taken all the knifes and siccers away and pills but I still cut with my teeth plz help i went to mental hospitals but nothing works I’ve bin crying case I’m starting to get tied of feeling the pain it’s kinda the only way to stop myself from killing myself or feeling that way I’m not doing it to kill myself im doing this to take my depression out and my anger out so ya

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#Mysuicideattemptanniversary #imhere ##TWLOHA

Hey My mightiest, I just wanted to share that a year ago today, I was at a Low point in my life and I attempted suicide. I felt my head above water...and I couldn't breathe #MySelfharming was getting bad and I felt I was #Relapsing into my #Depression #Codependency . Luckily, I had a sjpport network from my (then Therapist) #RachealDorty she saved my life and my son. That night in the hospital changed my life. I've been through so much and I have been resilient ever since ❤ I just want to help others in need and #spreadawareness about #MentalHealth and support each other and create that #safeplacecommunity . I never imagined I would be Here #alive and I have a beautiful 6 year son that has taught me and is still teaching about life as we experience this journey together. #mom #MyOsiris I love all of you and thank you for letting me #sharemystory ❤💪🏾🔥🙌🏾🙏🏾👊🏾👊🏾