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Anxiety... Why Does Your Body & Brain Do This?...

I am sure those who have experienced it will agree that it can come in all different forms, shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

It is not stagnant. It continues to move. It continues it's path of destruction; whether that be rocking back and forth, palms sweating, screaming, shaking, crying, hyperventilating, some form of a physical change in your body or a form of emotional change in your body. But whatever it is for you.....


It is one of the most complex & debilitating disorders (in my opinion) to experience, and also to describe to someone else. Not just how it feels, but why it happens. Sometimes it happens for no reason at all. There does not have to be a trigger. Circumstances in your life don't always cause it . Sometimes it just happens, and in those moments.... you hope you aren't in public because most will think you are crazy or think "what the heck are they doing?".

Maybe some of you have it mastered and you have an escape route?**I know I don't! I just sit right where I'm at, I don't care where that is, and cover my head, and cry and move back and forth.....**

Maybe on one of those dreadful days, someone would see me, help me through an attack and tell me it will be OK.

The day that I see that happen, is the day I will believe we finally have a chance to change the stigma on anxiety, better yet, as a whole !!

#spreadawareness #beopenminded #dontjudge


New to the community : )

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. I have been contending with an array of mental health difficulties for several years, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression and Binge Eating Disorder. I want to spread awareness and reduce the stigma that is associated with mental disorders. I have read and found this platform to be extremely welcoming, understanding, and supportive, hence I am extremely humbled and honoured to be a part of this community. I have finally cultivated the courage to post and introduce myself : ). #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BingeEatingDisorder #Depression #spreadawareness

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#Mysuicideattemptanniversary #imhere ##TWLOHA

Hey My mightiest, I just wanted to share that a year ago today, I was at a Low point in my life and I attempted suicide. I felt my head above water...and I couldn't breathe #MySelfharming was getting bad and I felt I was #Relapsing into my #Depression #Codependency . Luckily, I had a sjpport network from my (then Therapist) #RachealDorty she saved my life and my son. That night in the hospital changed my life. I've been through so much and I have been resilient ever since ❤ I just want to help others in need and #spreadawareness about #MentalHealth and support each other and create that #safeplacecommunity . I never imagined I would be Here #alive and I have a beautiful 6 year son that has taught me and is still teaching about life as we experience this journey together. #mom #MyOsiris I love all of you and thank you for letting me #sharemystory ❤💪🏾🔥🙌🏾🙏🏾👊🏾👊🏾

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#livingforhim #Ptsdrecovery

This is my only child Isaiah Reynolds. Forever 19. Today is 292 days since he gained his wings. I guess I’ve known deep down suicide was always a possibility although I never thought it would happen to us. I have watched depression turn my happy child into sad, disjointed and questioning why he’s even here on earth for the past 7 years. Wondering if he was ever going to find “his place”. I want Isaiah to be remembered for his generosity, his sense of humor, and love for jokes and food. For giving the best tightest hugs and always protecting me. Being top of his class and helping others that struggled. For being an amazing and kind person that most people should take notes from. For his smile that could light up a room and never judging anyone. He made everyone feel special and checked daily on everyone. Isaiah was a natural healer even though he could not heal himself. I remember so many days trying to put on a smile and pretend everything was ok when I knew my entire reason for living couldn’t feel love only hurt. For all the outsiders that thought I was miserable or even rude because I couldn’t maintain a smile on my face every hour I worked. Now you know. Sometimes people are going thru their own nightmares while awake. I made it a point to tell him everyday how loved he was, handsome, kind, smart, brave, and so strong to be fighting mental illness for so long. I know my family and his friends told him often as well yet this disease lied to him. It told him he was worthless, unlovable, hopeless and unsuccessful. I always portrayed myself to be strong for my son, but I am not any longer. I am broken, depressed and trying to find my purpose without my baby. He was all I had. Just the two of us. All I’ve known since I was 18. In Isaiah’s words. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this world” I now am beginning to believe him. He was too kind, generous, loving, and smart for this world. Maybe he wasn’t the broken one, maybe it’s us for not being able to feel the things he did. This world is ugly and unkind. All I know is I miss him everyday Isaiah is my hero for fighting this ugly battle while trying to live a “normal” life. He will forever be missed and never forgotten. #SuicideAwareness #spreadawareness #EndTheStigma #SuicideLoss #PTSD


The Struggle with BPD ..... #EndTheStigma #MightyPoets

I struggle with what is called BPD,
Also known as “a living hell”;
Not only because of how it's defined,
But the stigma heaped on it as well.

We’re not all violent or downright mean,
Yet extremes represent how we feel;
Hard to fathom what others call their “in between”,
And self-harm’s how the masses still deal.

It's a push, pull back we constantly fight,
Seeking our place to “fit” in this life;
Battling each day to keep one's self afloat,
While thoughts taunt us to die through the night.

Our need to cling’s between panic and fright,
Distressed you'll abandon us too;
Highs and lows are endured, but not many stay,
Blame and guilt then sets in us anew.

On the flip side we love with all of our might,
Shedding doubt for who really does care;
Wishing no other to feel what it is we go through,
Giving instead till our hearts are stripped bare.

There are days loneliness still seeps into our soul,
“Good Enough”, such a phrase is unknown;
Isolation sinks in, reality fades,
Fear of abandonment welcomes us home.

But “saving” is not what this poem here is for,
Cause “support” is our greatest need;
Accept that for which has detoured our path,
Stand by us till the day we succeed.

Also please refrain from “Get Over It”,
Cause our minds are flipped upside down;
Yet persistence, hard work and our own discipline,
CAN shift the outcome around!

So instead don't turn a blind eye today,
But stay put and offer your time;
For together we wield enough power,
To stomp out these stigmas regarding our minds.
By: Debra Brent

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #EUPD #Awareness #StopTheStigma #spreadawareness #mentaillness #MentalHealth #Support #Recovery #Poetry #poet

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I have a rare disease/allergy that wasnt even listed anywhere here. It's called alpha-gal allergy. I was bit by a tick and it made me allergic to all mammal meat and byproducts. It's a fatal food allergy but it goes beyond food. I have to be careful of every product I use on my skin, cross contamination, medications and even fumes of meat cooking. Mammal is in everything and has forced me to change my way of life. Dairy also comes from a mammal so I have to avoid that too. I live in Illinois where this disease isnt very well known. I am all of my several doctors very first patient and they have no idea what my disease is, how to treat it, and the severity of it. From all the times they've accidentally given me mammal after my diagnosis I should be dead. By a miracle my body is very resilient, but it doesn't mean they haven't made me very sick. I was bitten in Arkansas and went undiagnosed for 5 years until I was in the er every week and my internal organs were all inflamed and causing chaos. I also have type one diabetes and may be one of the very first few people to have tyle 1 diabetes and alpha-gal. I am the first patient at my hospital and was in the top 5 first to go to mayo hospital. Many doctors and medical staff dont believe in fume reactions. But inhaling the fumes can very well send me into aniphilaxis and kill me. There is not enough awareness about this disease and I'm on a mission to spread as much awareness as possible. I've submitted a story in hope's of helping people to understand how this affects every aspect of someone's life. And I'm hoping that alpha-gal allergy can be added to the list of diseases on here. #alphagal #alphagalallergy #redmeatallergy #rarefoodallergy #tickssuck #thisisnotlyme #makeitknown #spreadawareness #alphagalwarrior

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