I try to shy away from political writing here, but the masks from Russia needs to be addressed. I need to share this here for the folks who may not be from the US and wondering what in hell is going on right now. The president commited a crime by striking a deal for masks from Russia. He broke sanctions for this. He overstepped congress yet again. And he legit just did a quid pro quo with Putin and admitted it to our faces. Putin does not give freely EVER. In the time of war we are in, wether biological or other, war is war. You do not accept "help" from a foreign operative currently attacking the very threads of our nation in our election system. This is interfering with an election in a way we've never seen before. Do not fall for this whole oh look how nice BS he is trying to show. Remember who he is and what he has done already. This is more of the same. Putin doesn't just "give" without something in return and by Trump accepting this he has yet again made us look like fools on the world stage and put you, me, and every single person in more danger as Russia now invaded us yet again and during a pandemic our president authorized the invasion of our nation no less. Do not fall for it!!! This is huge! We have allies. You go to them for help and they to us. Not to our sworn enemy of the state. Ever. Two hours ago, Trump fired the Intelligence Director who blew the whistle on Ukraine. There is no doubt this was the exchange for the masks (and there may be more involved too). These masks are currency in a biological war and an international intelligence war. These are not health supplies, they are the blood of our very nation and a betrayal to every single American and every one of our allies in a way never seen before. This is not OK. I just want everyone to understand this and know this was not charity. This was not humanity. As Lady Gaga says, "it was a perfect illusion" . #masks #COVID19 #President #lies #War #NationalSecurity #HealthCare #medicalsupplies