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People are so ANNOYING!!! #TheMighty

Today at the mall, some lady was talking to me and saying. How stupid that people are still wearing a mask. She made me feel uncomfortable. I was thinking let people do what they want. Most people still wore them.#COVID19 #masks #Depression


I'M not sure, but a part of me wants to keep wearing my mask after march 21st. I fel like I'M gonna be judged if i don't still wear one or if i do. You can't win at all. I think it's to soon to yet to stop the end of masks. I mean 4 real i don't like wearing them. I'M just feeling unsure at the moment. #COVID19 #masks #TheMighty

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What mask prints do you prefer?

So many options, and more every day! Do you just grab the first clean one you see when you're on the way out the door? Or do you plan and coordinate? What are some of your favorite mask prints?

Pick an option below and respond with that emoji. Or tell us more if you don't see your answer listed. Feel free to make a new post with a picture of your best masks!

👅. Fake mouth and other goofy illusions

🐯. Animal print

🎃. Seasonal

🏈. Team colors

🌈. Bright colors

🇺🇸. Patriotic

👙. Polka dots

❓. Something else (tell us in a your comment!)

#COVID19 #masks #Style


Anyone else struggling with this?

Just went to DQ without a mask, which was a total accident. It was...weird. We were outside, I kept my space, respected others, and let my dad do the ordering at the counter. Everything was fine, but with this experience came self-consciousness.
1. You feel naked
2. There’s a good chance that all people around you have noticed that you’re not wearing a mask. If I’m being honest, seeing a person without a mask creates judgments about them in my head. So why would someone think differently about me?
3. As someone with significant social anxiety that I have battled for a long as I can remember, I have found that wearing a mask is a perfect way to hide your face. This has made social interactions both more challenging and easier. It’s harder to read the emotions of others, and it’s easier to hide your own.

I have gained many experiences in this past year and done a bit of “adulting”, however I’ve also been able to hide behind a mask. The possibility of removing the mask mandate anytime in the future brings me, and I’m sure many others, fear about feeling ‘naked’ and uncomfortable.

It’s just so odd/bothersome that all of this has become part of every waking moment. Last year at this time we had no clue what was about to unfold. I remember being just a few weeks in and wondering when it was ever gonna end. Little did anyone know... #SocialAnxiety #masks #selfconcious #nervous

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In the eyes of the beholder #COVID19 #Trauma #masks #Anxiety #CPTSD

Anyone else having a hard time reading people’s emotions throughout the pandemic? I’ve always worn a mask at work but now that everyone else wears one I’ve noticed I’m super uncomfortable about knowing how they feel about me. Growing up trying to cope with cptsd and alcoholism in the household, I learned to scan people’s expressions and try to see if they’re trustworthy genuine etc. I find myself getting anxious if I can’t tell if someone looks happy in their eyes or kind... funny how these things are so embedded in us.

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#Disability #Wheelchair #COVID19 #masks

A Day in the Life of a PWD

Frame 1:
A man in a power wheelchair wears a face mask, and talks to a woman who is not wearing a face mask.
MAN: Wearing a mask protects the people around you.
WOMAN: But it infringes on my rights!

Frame 2:
The man offers her a spare mask.
MAN: Well, they're now saying it protects the wearer as well

Frame 3:
WOMAN: Oh. Well, in that case...
She walks over to take the mask.
The man rolls his eyes.

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Steps to Take when Trick or Treating 🎃👻 #halloween2020 #Trickortreat #COVID19 #FoodAllergies #Epipenlife #AutoimmuneDisease #RareDisease #masks

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@withregram • @veganvikingman Imagine for a moment that we all just accepted that Trick-or-Treating was just something we could not do this year (you know, cause of the pandemic, remember?). And then imagine that instead of being obstinate, sad, angry, or having meltdowns about it, we all actually TRIED something different. Are you all so horribly boring that you cannot come up with some new and fun traditions for yourself or with your kids? News flash, stores still have candy, people can still put up Halloween decorations, and you can still do plenty of other Halloween related things. Whether you’re a childfree person who loves Halloween or a parent who is struggling to come up with something safe to do with your kids, I promise that there’s more to this holiday than candy. And I would even like to believe that people could come up with ideas on their own... but I have zero faith in people, so here are a few ideas I came up with:

1) horror movie marathon (maybe a film or television series) with candy.
2) carving jack-o-lanterns WITH your kids (involve them in the parts of the process that don’t require a knife).
3) drive around to look at decorations.
4) go for a walk the day before or after to look at decorations.
5) cooking or baking Halloween themed foods.
6) take some time to learn about the history of the holiday.
7) read scary short stories in the dark with flashlights.
😎 do a Zoom meeting party with friends while watching a cult classic Halloween movie.
9) take turns writing parts of scary/funny short stories.
10) buy crafts and supplies to make your own Halloween decorations.

And what’s great is that you can do all of these things either in or out of costume. Good luck.
#Halloween #halloween2020 #trickortreating #trickortreat2020 #secondwavecorona #secondwave #quarantine #wearamask #wearyourmask #wearyourmask😷 #wearyourfuckingmask #covid_19 #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #pandemic #cdc #who #worldhealthorganization

@Mvskoke3000 - 💯🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Me and my teenager have created a new tradition. #cookingathome #bingewatchingnetflix #createnewtraditions #foodallergylife #immunocompromised #spoonielife #safetyfirst

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