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It comes from me.

His eyes, his smile, his face, his dna comes from them. His personality, his character traits, his eating habits, his thought process comes from me. As I start the day watching his every move I notice how when he laughs his face looks just like his fathers. When I end the day watching his every breath I notice he sleeps like his mother. During the time that fills the in between I notice his loving heart, his picky eating, his stubborn will to do everything different. He’s been given his dna and his looks to him by them, but everything else comes from me. He watches how I treat people day in and day out. He watches my dedication to him and his well-being day in and day out. He knows and see how I love and care for him day in and day out. All the work that I do all of time that I put into raising this child and they can swoop in and take him whenever they want. I sit at night watching him, taking in every detail of his face for fear that they would take him from me. I can’t do anything to change this, I can’t change the situation. I watched my parents do it for years before my sister was adopted and I never thought I would do the same. I love this little boy more and more with every breath I take. I watched him enter this world and never would I thought that I would have become a mom that day. #DeadBeat #Genetics #NaturevsNuture #Raisingsomeoneschild #Parents


“Outside Your Comfort Zone” #Anxiety

Many professionals use this cliche’ quite a bit
However, I don’t think they follow their own advice one bit
They say practice what you preach or teach
However, some goals you just seem to cannot reach
I stay in my comfort zone a little bit too much
However, it keeps me from getting into oh so much
They like to say just make it through this day
Heck, I can barely make it what my body had to pay
A word to the wise and those who think so—
Don’t coddle your children, allow their minds to grow.