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Doing too much?

Feel like I need to do 'something' outside of the house every day, but not wanting to overdo it

#Outside , #everyday , #pacing #Reflecting


#Outside OF THE BOX.

Todays post has to do with thinking outside the box. I never once in a million years thought that I would ever get back to a place where I would feel like myself again. I finally did and let me tell you it feels amazing. I have been doing a lot of thinking outside of the box lately. and that has helped me to put the abilities that I have accomplished with my Cerebral Palsy this coming year into a whole new perspective. This journey with Cerebral Palsy has made me come to terms with myself and many other things but it has also taught me to look forward instead of backward. Finally my friends that's why I choose to look outside of the box.



I rode a train first time in 2021. #Vaccine #Outside

I have been strictly stuck in my apartment for more than 1year.I forgot how to talk with other human.Anyways,I got my 1st vaccines,2nd will be 3weeks later.I need lots of rehabilitation! I even cannot ride a bicycle!

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Success #Anxiety #Birthday #Agoraphobia #PTSD #Outside

Thank you to all the well wishes! I made it out and after a short spell of anxiety, I'm doing well. Thank you so much for all the supportive comments and messages. I wouldn't of done this without my Mighty shieldwall and fellow warriors :-) Freyas love to you all :-)

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Birthday! #Anxiety #social #Outside #Depression #Agoraphobia #PTSD

So today is my birthday, haven't left the house much in two and a half years. Have planned a short stint to a very familiar place for lunch today, with people I know very well, and im petrified! I want to grab that semblance of normality back but im truly in a state of heightened anxiety. Im afraid and paranoid about the outside world, im that insecure about my body image issues and im truly scared of what I might do once I get out there. The mighty has brought me such peace since being on this that I just wanted to share my turmoil today :-(

Not a great birthday start.


Finally outside #Outside #Breathe #air

After I think over a week of being housebound and bedridden, I’m finally outside. I couldn’t take it. I got up out of bed and decided I wasn’t paying $20 for food delivery just to get a 2 liter of ginger ale. My cat Lola looked up at me and I said “I’ll be right back.”

I’ve literally been a recluse this whole summer, due to physical and emotional troubles. The fact that I was assaulted at the end of June and haven’t been the same since is beginning to mess with my head. COVID-19 has made it so much harder to just go out and take a walk. Especially suffering from asthma among other things.

I don’t know. I guess I’m proud of myself. Small steps...I’ve just never felt so defeated, hopeless, helpless and depressed. I know take it one day at a time. That’s all I have...time... it’s not working for me. It’s working against me. I just feel so lost and drained. I’m resilient but it’s not enough...

I got out of bed though 😊and I’m writing again. I just pray this starts to get better sooner than later...I hope all of you had a good day today, are still kicking, and fighting! Love and light to all of you 💜💕🤓

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Just a thought

So I suffer form multiple mental health issues and when I drew this picture I had no idea what it ment to me... however until the other day it came to me it’s looking inside and looking outside the the box (Apple) you never know when your looking at something what is on the inside. Same as a human we all have that perfect little smile and sad faces and joyful moments but everyone in side is hurting some how...
food for thought.. never judge a book by its cover #llness #mental #Inside #Outside