Hiya! Well, I'm new to this group. I was diagnosed with PsA in January of this year, and have failed the first 2 drugs attempted. Tomorrow I start Tremfya as my 3rd, and likely final chance for treatment.

I'm a bit nervous that I'm going to react like I did to both Orencia and Otezla, and then I'm going to be left with no treatment options for it. It's already been over a decade of them telling me that I had OA, when in reality it has been #psoriaticspondylitis . The damage to my spine/neck/hips already is incredible. I've already been told that I will end up needing at least one hip replacement; they just *hope* I can hold off another 10-20 years (I was maybe 40 when they told me that).

What happens if I don't tolerate this drug? My only other potential option is to use a TNF-alpha inhibitor drug and very closely monitor my #Lupus (it's currently inactive). But there's a LOT at risk there. It's been a very long road with plenty of #negativesideeffects along the way.

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