Mobility Issues: I was just reminded about the unpredictability of the disability called functional neurological disorder, which is anything but functional. I thought 💭 I was doing better, but today at my doctors appointment I started experiencing symptoms again and had to be helped to the bathroom. There’s nothing more embarrassing than needing someone to help you on the toilet :( It’s like I know I can walk, but my brain won’t allow me to. There is a disconnect between my brain and body. It’ll feel like bricks are weighing down my legs making it impossible to move. I am really worried and hope this flare won’t last long. I really don’t want to have to call my parents cause I can’t drive myself home. I don’t know what to do. Do any of y’all struggle with mobility or neurological challenges and what do you do to cope? Could really use some compassion right now. Also, any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Grateful for this community!

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