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    Anyone have multiple autoimmune and autoinflammatory conditions?

    Sometimes I get so frustrated. It's beginning to get better with, finally, a good rheumatologist... it's been such a long journey. Ontop of it all, one of the autoimmune conditions I have, likely was the cause of having had gastric Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer.) This autoimmune condition was missed before my current rheumy... I've just kind of been in an emotional funk with it all... I'm 42 and too young to feel this old.


    Sun sensitivity after chemo and imnotherapy

    Hi all just wondering I'm a male been bald for years I'm in remission from non Hodgkin's lymphoma and just lately on very mild day's I've been out side for maybe 10 mins minus a hat and my head has stung and hurt badly like intense sun burn. I've been in remission 2 years have others had similar problems ? Just interested that's all I have a hat nearly everywhere now!! I have had my scalp checked all ok! I didn't expect this so long after treatment...that's all I can think it must be?


    Non Hodgkin's lymphoma

    Hey folks I'm getting close to 2 yrs in remission last tests were great! But still go through periods of very low energy and my flesh particularly on my arms feels sore all the time .any thoughts appreciated.