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#eating #noteating #Depression bpd

Does anyone else go days (1-3 ) without eating?!? Honestly, until recently I didn't think or realize it to be a problem. I work customer service and I had a guest tell me "Don't go losing any more weight" I mean yeah I was aware of having to make a new hole in my belt! But if I'm being honest..... I'm a woman and losing a couple of pounds is and will always be our dream. Lol. 😉 Now I'm extra PANICKED!!! Trying to remind myself to eat, but I put any food in my mouth and chewing is almost impossible. I have to force myself to get it down. ( it literally gags me ) an on top of it I've developed anxiety about my self-image..... do I look bad? Have I lost too much weight?? It's a cycle I've been in the last few years. 4 days eating 3 not..... or I'll feel good for a month, then something can happen maina catches me slipping and I'm doing it again....


When does not eating become a problem #BPD #noteating #Anxiety #Depression #Automutilation

Since I've started group therapy for the second time, I began eating less and less. I think I've lost 6 or 7 KG in 4 months time. I'm not underweight I think, But I have the feeling that I am doing it instead of automutilation. I would like your thoughts...