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Cymbalta Night 4

I'm still not lifting out of this depression at all. I'm still miserable, but it is only Day 4, so I'll obviously keep going.
One major thing that I've noticed is that my appetite is basically non-existent. It is to the point that I have to force myself to even want to eat. To be honest, after being on so many meds that have caused a lot of weight gain, I'm totally down with a med that helps me eat in moderation.

#cymbalta #noappetite #nothungry #Depression #Sleep

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Diary - Day 1

So as I shared previously I saw my Psychiatrist to. And...I didn't expect anything less than being admitted. Not in a great place mentally, so it is most probably better for myself and those around me.

This is not my 1st time in a Psychiatric Hospital, but like the previous I truly hope this is the last. I'm in a different hospital than I was before so I need get used to how things work here. I hate being called by my last name just because "that's how we do things here". Maybe I am just over sensitive.

This place is cold and impersonal. Open plan room with 4 people sharing, I hate not having a bit of privacy. Closest thing to grass is the plastic roll outs in the smoking area and the closest tree or plant is beyond the fence in front of me.

I am going to try say 1 positive thing...At least the staff are kind of friendly

I am lonely and feel completely out of place. Let's see what's for dinner...
#MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2 #scared
#iwanttocry #nothungry