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Food Suggestions?

Hi all! I have difficulty consuming enough calories each day. I don’t usually feel hungry but I notice on days when I eat a lot of calories, I have more energy the next day. Does anyone have any suggestions for increasing appetite/enjoyment from eating? In particular, do you know of any food kit suggestions like Hello Fresh that are allergy friendly? #Food #noappetite #Fibromyalgia #FoodAllergies

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Cymbalta Night 4

I'm still not lifting out of this depression at all. I'm still miserable, but it is only Day 4, so I'll obviously keep going.
One major thing that I've noticed is that my appetite is basically non-existent. It is to the point that I have to force myself to even want to eat. To be honest, after being on so many meds that have caused a lot of weight gain, I'm totally down with a med that helps me eat in moderation.

#cymbalta #noappetite #nothungry #Depression #Sleep

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Cymbalta Post No. 3

I'm getting ready to take my PM meds, including the #cymbalta for the second night.
Other than what I mentioned in my last post, I have #noappetite whatsoever. I had half of a Nature Valley bar with my afternoon meds and that is it. That is extremely unusual for me. Eating for me when I'm this depressed is emotional, junk food eating because I can't make myself eat broccoli because that just isnt enough of an incentive to move. But, I will chow down on cookies or raisin bread. I'm going to have one of those breakfast shake things, but I was seriously surprised to realize that I hadn't really eaten all day. Probably do another post tomorrow morning about how the second night goes.


Loss of appetite ##noappetite #EatingIssues

Does anyone go through periods where they don't have an appetite and if you do have an appetite after 1 or 2 bites you can't eat anything? Currently experiencing this

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I get to a point when my anxiety is ruling me that I no longer feel hunger just sickness. The thought of food, the smell of food it all makes me gag and I could go days without eating till the anxiety has subsided. I wake up in the night dry heaving coz it’s causing me to have another panic attack. I go to work and can’t control my tears when people ask me if I’m okay, they don’t understand. What would be a minor thing to them is massive to me yet I know deep down I’m being silly. Why can I not control my own mind and my emotions? #Lostinmyhead #Emotions #Anxiety #PanicAttack #Hunger #noappetite #Sickness #nocontrol