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Feedback on Vyvanse and Cymbalta for depression

I'm curious about the effectiveness of adding Cymbalta to (Vyvanse) my current meds for depression.
#Depression #Depression #Vyvanse #cymbalta


The bad days seem worse when I have less of them...

I guess it's normal to feel this way. I've been taken medications and doing things to help myself feel as good as I can. For me, good means not being in (much) pain, not being overly sleepy, and not having any/much depressive/anxious feelings. I'd say 4-5 out of 7 days a week since I got settled in my current meds for #Narcolepsy , #fibromaylgia and #Bipolar2Disorder are "good" or "ok" days. But those other 2-3 days are heavy.

Today was rough. I ran out of ritalin and won't have any till Monday at best. So I was in and out of naps all day. I want to be awake. But my eyes, my body wouldn't let me. I took my #Lyrica late and have also run out of #cymbalta so I was slow and achey all day. I took my #Latuda but since I feel so physically bad, I think #Depression is kicking in as a result.

My doctor doesn't know why my vision is suddenly so blurry. I'm worried.

I pushed myself too hard. Did some heavy cleaning despite the pain and I REALLY need to learn how not to do that. I'm regretting it heavily now. I'm hurting a lot. I hope I can sleep.

I still don't have a medicine for anxiety specifically. I'm frustrated.

It's just been an * a lot" day...

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Been A Bit, Good news, though. #Peersupport #recoverymentor

So, sorry for not posting in a bit. I just haven't had it in me to do much of anything but watch FB videos and sleep.
The #cymbalta is having a few more side effects, #DryMouth is the biggest. My #Nightmares are getting to the point that I'm afraid to sleep at night. The #Insomnia is killing me. My husband is getting irritated, but trying to not get angry. Still having some bickering, though.

Good news is that I got a Recovery Mentor position at my local mental health community resource organization. I've been applying for years and this was the 3rd interview for 3 different positions. I also applied today for my Peer Specialist Certification Classes. Then I would have to take a test to get officially certified. I am hoping I get in. Otherwise, keep trying.

Was supposed to clean all day. Definitely did not. Laying in bed with 2 cats, a 2 liter of cherry Coke, and donuts. I'm pretty much laying my life away. This isn't how I want my life to be, but I can't seem to get out of this 7 month rut. I've tried so many things and I'm just out of steam. I don't have much in me to do anything but hold on. So, that is what I am doing. Just #holdingonbymyfingertips .

Hope you guys have a good weekend!

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Cymbalta for fibro + anxiety? #cymbalta #Fibromyaliga

So I’ve been on LDN for about a year now. It’s definitely helped with less really bad days, but I still wake up every day in pain.

In addition to the fibro, I have experienced pretty bad anxiety my whole life and it’s take 27 years for me to think about taking medication for it. It’s just gotten worse over the last year and is starting to trickle into depression and I can’t seem to get out of this funk. My new PCP is really comprehensive, and he talked to me about cymbalta- he thinks it can help with the anxiety and the pain, (maybe)

I want to know others experiences- especially those who take LDN as well. My concerns are fatigue (already have hypersomnia) or insomnia. Thanks in advance!


Cymbalta withdrawal headache

Can anyone share with me what the headaches were like during withdrawal from cymbalta? I have what seems to be a cervicogenic headache, but it's the worst one I've ever had. #cymbalta #CymbaltaWithdrawal #Fibromyalgia #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS)


Cymbalta Night 4

I'm still not lifting out of this depression at all. I'm still miserable, but it is only Day 4, so I'll obviously keep going.
One major thing that I've noticed is that my appetite is basically non-existent. It is to the point that I have to force myself to even want to eat. To be honest, after being on so many meds that have caused a lot of weight gain, I'm totally down with a med that helps me eat in moderation.

#cymbalta #noappetite #nothungry #Depression #Sleep

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Cymbalta, Night 3

This is the 3rd night on Cymbalta. Last night wasn't quite as twitchy or shaky as the first night, but still there. Same as right now. Crazy hot flashes. I was having them occasionally before, but they have been constant these last three nights within 30 min of taking it.
Slept fine. Waking up wasn't as horrifying as normal. Normally I wake up and 30 seconds later reality hits and then automatic anxiety, depression, and pain (mostly emotional, but I am having some physical pain, also). So that is better.
I'm not feeling any other positive changes yet, but it could be weeks before it is my system enough to make a difference.
#patience #Medication #cymbalta #Hope #effort


Cymbalta Post No. 3

I'm getting ready to take my PM meds, including the #cymbalta for the second night.
Other than what I mentioned in my last post, I have #noappetite whatsoever. I had half of a Nature Valley bar with my afternoon meds and that is it. That is extremely unusual for me. Eating for me when I'm this depressed is emotional, junk food eating because I can't make myself eat broccoli because that just isnt enough of an incentive to move. But, I will chow down on cookies or raisin bread. I'm going to have one of those breakfast shake things, but I was seriously surprised to realize that I hadn't really eaten all day. Probably do another post tomorrow morning about how the second night goes.


Not Me

I've had #Depression since I was 14, at least. Along with a severe anxiety issues.
I always managed to mask or fake it until I made it to be "me". People said that when they thought of me they thought of rainbow glitter unicorns. I was proud of that. I had an issue with alcohol and used it as a social lubricant. I was constantly crashing and ending up in crisis, but I had core things that made me me.
18 months #SOBER . I was a huge reader. I was outgoing. I loved cooking. I made a huge effort to be around friends.
I finally got put on meds that worked and it was amazing for about 5 months. I hadn't ever felt that good as far as I could remember. I got my first ever full time job and a lot of good things were happening, but the meds started to become less effective and working 40 hours a week wasn't manageable. Started feeling alot better in December/January again. Got really sick with Mono And Strep Throat£. Missed a month and a half of work. Went back for about a month before Covid shut it all down.

The major point is that I dont feel that spark in me anymore and haven't since April. I'm not reading. I'm not cooking. I'm sleeping all of the time. If I laugh it is more of a chuckle and doesn't actually make me feel any better. I cry constantly. Covid has isolated me even more than I was. My house is trashed. Not doing any of my signature planning. #TheHappyPlanner I'm not journaling.
I just can't. Eating, brushing my teeth, and wearing pants hardly ever all happen in the same day. I could just stare at a wall l day.
I feel dead inside with waves of sadness and anxiety that are so intense I have to hide so I don't go crazy. Thanks, #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
I'm not being a good #mom or #wife and I'm not pulling my weight.

I'm not me anymore and I don't even feel it deep down anymore. I'm losing confidence that those parts of me even exist. I can still fake it for short periods of time, but then I'm useless for days.

I'm #safe I'm not going to hurt anyone or myself, or relapse.

I just started a new med, #cymbalta and am in the process of getting an appointment with a neurologist because of different issues and possibly a Neuropsychologist. My Mom had MS. Neurologists scare me.

Welp. Im gonna go back to watching #Cat videos so that I can stay awake until at least 8:30 even though I slept at least another 4 hours after I forced myself out of bed at 12 pm. You do the math. It isn't great.