I'm not who you want
You say you can't be who I need
A constant battle
Two years you kept me at arms reach
Sometimes you'd go days without saying a word to me
I often wonder if you're embarrassed of me
My past is crazy, dark, and chaotic
I don't have it all together
But you've got to remember
I didn't ask you to fix me
I just wanted you to respect me
Not a wedding ring
I knew you wouldn't commit to me
It took me packing up and leaving for you to show interest in me
I hate this hold you have on me
It hurts feeling like Plan B
This back and forth half you and half me relationship is starting to take it's toll on me
Could it be there really is no future for you and me
Could co-parenting be our destiny
If so I need you to set me free

#Respect #Coparenting #Love #notmeanttobe