HI, Sometimes our Healthcare does not do everything we want it to do and we should help ourselves a bit more, some things I do are read self help books, I enjoy reading outside as it is often quite or more uplifting than my home, in winter months the library or mall is welcoming for this, secondly music amuses me and gets us all through the day, feel free to join music and lyrics group, caring for others is an awesome rewarding pastime but draining, try to be an inspiration instead of a hindrance to yourself, food is also a good way to do this, cooking and recipes, try Nourishment Bistro, crafts like knitting and beading or as I see with some of you painting is great, fabric paint on old bags and sewing on new handles works, you can upcycle grocery bags this way, I would like to get into thrifting as so much can be done with refurbished jeans and clothing, there are loads of websites, housekeeping hacks help as well to give motivation for cleaning, there's also making your own cleansers with essential oil and vinegar and lemon which I shall do in a second, who knows why our lives hit lows sometimes if we are hardworking clean and have good intentions, also inane mundane or brilliant poetry works, but ya'll know all of this already so Peace and Love #Bipolar2 #Bipolar1 #noursh #hobbies #selfhelp #Music #Caregiving