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HI, Sometimes our Healthcare does not do everything we want it to do and we should help ourselves a bit more, some things I do are read self help books, I enjoy reading outside as it is often quite or more uplifting than my home, in winter months the library or mall is welcoming for this, secondly music amuses me and gets us all through the day, feel free to join music and lyrics group, caring for others is an awesome rewarding pastime but draining, try to be an inspiration instead of a hindrance to yourself, food is also a good way to do this, cooking and recipes, try Nourishment Bistro, crafts like knitting and beading or as I see with some of you painting is great, fabric paint on old bags and sewing on new handles works, you can upcycle grocery bags this way, I would like to get into thrifting as so much can be done with refurbished jeans and clothing, there are loads of websites, housekeeping hacks help as well to give motivation for cleaning, there's also making your own cleansers with essential oil and vinegar and lemon which I shall do in a second, who knows why our lives hit lows sometimes if we are hardworking clean and have good intentions, also inane mundane or brilliant poetry works, but ya'll know all of this already so Peace and Love #Bipolar2 #Bipolar1 #noursh #hobbies #selfhelp #Music #Caregiving

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Sometimes help you didn’t know you needed comes from the people that were not aware they had it to give. #selfhelp #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

After my accident I had a four year block of memories lost. I also was having trouble with my short term memory. I started to journal my thoughts, experiences, feelings and memories. I created short stories, bad poetry, memes, photos and a blog to store it all on. In all there are over 200 posts now Some of it is deep, some is kind of funny, some is dark and some is just nonsense.
The idea was to be able to look back at the moments I took part in even if I was able to remember being there. What I received was messages from people thanking me for sharing because until than they felt alone, my story helped them or they needed to hear that today.
How do you respond to something like that? In all honesty I think they have helped me more.
So I keep snapping pictures, writing stories, creating memes, researching all things brain Injury, bad poetry, in general doing everything wrong from what our grade nine English teacher tried to learn us. #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #youmatter

So I Was Thinking

This is a collection of my thoughts, questions, ideas and what I have seen. These are my opinions and experiences. In 2017 I experienced a head injury that has given me concussion like symptoms, on…
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Question about self-help. #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #selfhelp

Since I’ve yet to go to a therapist and am trying to beat this myself before I take any precautions, is it okay to do different techniques from other types of therapy like ERP AND DBT which I think will help me and not do the ones that I think might actually backfire? Any response is appreciated. Thank you.

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Question about self-help. #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #selfhelp

Since I’ve yet to go to a therapist and am trying to beat this myself before I take any precautions, is it okay to do different techniques from other types of therapy like ERP AND DBT which I think will help me and not do the ones that I think might actually backfire? Any response is appreciated. Thank you.

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Healer Pains

Healer Pains

Full of Anger and rage
Feeling like I’m a animal locked in a cage
My nature is so misunderstood
Perhaps it’s time to move on from the hood
But I Love my independent city
Even though the committee ain’t take no pity

Isolated and assets frozen
Although they don’t yet know I’m part of God’s chosen
Treated like a hardcore criminal
My poem are definitely subliminal
If you know me, you’ll get it
Ain’t the usual one to quit

I walked away for self protection
So, wouldn’t be forced into flexion
Straight forward as it can be
Though I did flee, At least I’m free
Self love is a priority
Even if I ain’t in the majority

That don’t stop us from doing as we please
Perhaps, why I’m a narcissist that is to be put in a freeze
From trauma and vulnerabilities we came up,
Banged up, beat up - yet we still worked hard and built up
So, why the hate?
And all the jealousy mate?
Took you for free spins and fed you during your worst

You were injured and I was the one to bring you back to health and nursed
And now I’m cursed?
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
One day, you gotta regret it my boo
True love, acceptance and understanding- heck, gave even my soul
Now, all this hurt masking as anger and making feel like a burning coal

Quite the toll, though I thought your love was free
Then, why the hefty fee?
Anger and rage on the front
Amidst a manhunt
Hurt and grief under the front
Perhaps, nows the time to get blunt

Yes, I am fucked up
And the only one who saved me is my pup
You were right, I was stupid
The only mistake I made was chasing Cupid
Don’t know my story yet think they know all
Destroying me so I forget to walk and can barely even crawl

Malicious prosecution and defamation
Think it’s a game of persuasion
It’s nothing more than a crime
To prevent me from the social and corporate climb
You think I forgot, that’s cute
I never forget a learned friend dispute

You know I’m better than you
And that’s a strong fact that’s more than just true
Don’t let simple nature and humble attitude fool you into arrogance
You caused me to lose my soul and become spiritless
The student is now the master
Now that deserves a round of applause and laughter

Karma is a mogul’s game
And though I don’t care for the fame, it ain’t gonna stop me from bringing the claim
Justice is overdue, stayed quiet for too long
Have come closer to being proven wrong
My only regret, had I spoken earlier
I would be worthier

Money is important but my people are my assets
They are the ones to get my out of bad debts
Got my back because we init for ride or die
They ain’t no supply, they real niggas on which we can rely
Now that’s a fact you cannot deny
My team here for the full and permanent long haul

And although right now, I’m back at the stage of crawl
I got the mindset and approach to stay resilient
Cuz I found out way too late that I’m more than just brilliant
Genius and gifted talent, that’s God’s chosen
So, let me give you a glimpse of my life in slow-motion
Watch out cuz this girl’s a tornado, not to be tamed

She won’t remain for much longer chained
It’s time to break free
And I think that’s something y’all agree #heartbreak #Love #Pain #growth #soulpain #selfhelp #SelfHealing #writings #Journaling #feelings #Emotions #validation #hurt #Grief #Loss #Rejection #abandonment #social isolation #punishment #Karma #sins #good #bad

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What podcasts :) do you like/ recommend ?

I am currently reading a helpful Oprah podcast episode from Super Soul Sunday, it helps sometimes to put my life into perspective by hearing other people’s life stories and knowing that I’m resilient doing my best where I currently am at while working towards where I want to go.

#Oprah #Podcasts #MentalHealth #Comment #suggestions #thanks #Christmas #selfhelp #audio #resources


#MentalHealth #selfhelp
What books have you read
That have helped you on your journey as Christian and help you with your physical and mental health.
Of course the Bible 😀
I am currently reading
Kill the Spider by Carlos Whittaker
It's about bad choices and destructive thought patterns in our lives and how to replace them with God's life giving truths.